How to rank at position 1 in SERPS in 2020

Why is SEO important?

how important is seo

Working in SEO we have to answer questions like ‘why is SEO important?’ every time we get onto the topic of job roles.

We usually brush over the topic, making dramatic, over the top claims such as ‘without SEO no one would be found on Google’, but the truth is SEO is essential for all companies. From the local plumber with a five-page website to the biggest management consultancy firm with over a thousand URLs, every business, big or small, can benefit.

Google Organic Search is the most important source of traffic

When most people search for something on the internet, they tend to head straight to Google. According to Statista, as of June 2019, Google held 87.64% market share in search engines in the UK. Bing, the next most used search engine, only had 8.2% market share.

If you’re targeting new customers, growing your rankings organically is crucial. Although establishing a loyal client base is very important, SEO will bring in new clients. Your website will be easier for new customers to find if you are ranking for keywords instead of just your brand name.  As potential shoppers will search for keywords rather than specific companies. SEO is vital if you’re looking to grow your business and expand your clientele.

SEO agencies have the software to boost your rankings

Whilst targeting Google might be obvious, using a professional agency might be less so. Although there are many blogs and tutorials on SEO online, the tips and tricks can only go so far and how up-to-date or accurate is the information. Not only do digital marketing experts have the training and specialised knowledge, but they also have access to specific software that will allow them to research the keywords most relevant to your business. An SEO specialist will then target the keywords most relevant to your products or services and bring in the right traffic.

The Google algorithm is always changing

One of the most frustrating things about working in SEO is the constant shift in the Google algorithm. Every day, Google changes the way it ranks websites and crawls them for relevant content. For instance, once upon a time, mentioning the keyword as many times as possible on a page, was standard practice for SEO consultants. Recently, however, Google has changed its algorithm to limit ‘keyword stuffing’ – referencing the keyword as much as you could.

Doing SEO for a website is a full-time job. If the Google algorithm changes without your knowledge, your rankings will start to drop.  An SEO consultant will know the latest changes to the algorithm and edit your website accordingly, keeping your website on page one of Google.

Page one is the only place you’ll be clicked

Finally, SEO is particularly important because if you are not on page one of Google or in the top ten, you will not get the required organic traffic at all to grow your business. As most people are lazy and want instant information, they are unlikely to scroll further than page one. As there are so many companies competing for page one, if you don’t focus on maximising your SEO, your website will not receive much organic traffic.

There are many benefits of paying for SEO services, as you’ve read above. Being on page one of Google for your chosen keywords is one of the most effective ways of broadening a client base and bringing in more traffic to your site, something relevant for all businesses, big or small.

Concours Vehicles

Classic car storage and Supercar storage is a big business in the UK. The company Concours Vehicles was set up online at the beginning of June to open up a service to others.

concours vehicles domain name

This is a great example of what Chameleon can achieve and to provide some time frames around results.

The website was purchased NEW on the June 6th 2019 and this means it has no past, zero power or trust and Google has never come across the domain before. This is positive because it has a clean bill of health.

The website was built in WordPress our favoured platform with a holding page containing the core keywords and setup for Google to find. Behind the scenes the website was being built, new fresh handwritten content and images were loaded to the site and then we forced Google to come and get all the new page content.

The first thing needed is to rank for the brand name which should be easy:-

Concours Vehicle Solutions

Some SEO Companies often do not understand the very basics and the early stages are vital to achieving a quick growth for a new website. We setup the website perfectly for Google to understand and the result is instant and the graph above shows this clearly what can be achieved.

The next thing is to achieve other keywords and interestingly the company name being a word used all of the Internet related to cars, the word Concours and top of Google for “concours vehicle” is the Wikipedia page related to this subject. Concours d’Elegance is a term of French origin that means a “competition of elegance” and refers to an event where prestigious vehicles are displayed and judged. There are many websites talking about Concours Vehicles and cars based all over the world which means this is competitive.


google concours

This Google search shows that there are 89,700,000 website results in Google’s database and the SEO consultant has to make Google like this website more than all the others.

The content at this early stage is vital providing Google with the details it needs to understand what the website is about will result in success:-

Concours Vehicle

concours vehicles keyword 2

The graphs above show the quickly achieved results, note that position 200 is page 20 of Google and position 1 is top of Google.

Then the service related keywords need to follow and as an example “supercar storage”:-

supercar storage

supercar storage 2

You can see from the graphs the quick growth onto page one shows that a Chameleon SEO Consultant can quickly achieve growth for a brand new domain name without doing anything outside Google’s guidelines, simply doing what Google wants to find. This is natural organic SERP growth as the result of understanding the Google Algorithm.

Best Cost-Effective SME Internet Solutions

Providing Essential Web Solutions to Global SMEs

Chameleon has not only won the award for the “Best Cost-Effective SME Internet Solutions” in 2018, we have also appeared in the SME News Q4 2018 publications “Providing Essential Web Solutions to Global SMEs”.

SME News Q4 2018

You can read the article here: SME News Q4 2018:- SME Q4 2018

Best Cost-Effective SME Internet Solutions Award in 2018

Amazon Launches 360 Spin Images To Boost Product Listings

From luxury jewelry brands to automotive manufacturers, online sellers are embracing the potential of 360 spin images. Recently Amazon added 360 image capability for vendors on their platform and the results have so far been promising.

Although 360 spin images are more expensive than standard photography, the potential return on investment can be huge, according to Jeff Hunt, founder and CEO of 360 imagery provider Snap 36.

360 spin images allow an online shopper to virtually interact with an item. Multiple images are taken of the item from all sides, and are pieced together in a way that offers a full 360 degree view of the product when the shopper interacts with the image on their screen.

“I, as the consumer, now have control over that product,” Hunt said. “I can pick it up just as if I was in a store, I can turn it around and look at what’s important to me to finish the loop in the buying process. Once you put that in someone’s hands, their confidence and their trust go through the roof.”

Strong results from 360 spin images

In the online retail space, the push toward 360 spin images started as early as 2008. Even before brands had any proof that 360 images would work, they strongly suspected it was an avenue worth pursuing.

The automotive accessory manufacturer Gold Eagle Company, whose brands include 303 Products and STA-BIL, was one of the early adopters.

“ We decided to roll out spin images on Amazon for our brands 303 Products and STA-BIL to allow consumers the opportunity to “touch and feel” our products virtually,” says Salisia Webber, Ecommerce Sales Manager, at Gold Eagle Co.

Within the first couple of weeks of adding 360 spin images to their product pages, the company saw a 6-8% lift in conversion rates.

An unexpected benefit was a reduction in product returns since adding 360 spin images. “We are now able to avoid returns because we are providing consumers more information beforehand with the 360 images,” says Webber. “They can now view the bottles from different angles and read the back labels as if they were shopping in a physical store.”

What took Amazon so long?

The early adopters of 360 images used it to promote their own products on their platforms. Slowly, once they’d proved the concept and tested the technology, they started inviting distributors to do the same.

Amazon held back this long because they are faced with the challenge of providing this capability to millions of sellers. The potential for technical and quality issues is high if the rollout is not well controlled.

So far the early results have been very convincing. After an initial 60-day pilot Amazon started introducing it out as a standard feature for select vendors. That’s an extremely short testing phase for Amazon. Although their initial numbers are not available, whatever results they saw were enough to justify this quick approval in a matter of just two months.

Even so, Amazon initially made 360 spin available to vendors in select categories. That gave them some measure of control over quality, and minimizes the number of sellers who will be introducing it at any one time. But now, most categories on Amazon have 360 image capability.

Vendors pay for the images out of pocket by partnering with third party photography studios like Snap 36, or creating their own. The upfront cost might slow adoption by some, but the potential return on investment will make it an attractive prospect.

Some brands find success with cheaper alternatives

While the technology is still fairly nascent, and relatively pricey to execute, some brands have been going to DIY route.

Justin Haver, Vice President of, shelved the investment in 360 spin images after an initial test of two items produced no increase in conversion rates. Instead, the company opted for a DIY approach. “We instead opted to buy a motorized $25 cake turner off Amazon and film a video to put on Youtube and embed on our website,” says Haver. The company also wrote SEO-optimized content for the Youtube video.

“We actually saw a boost to the traffic from Google and from Youtube itself,” says Haver. “This helped boost the conversion rate by 72% in one week. Today this item is one of our best sellers.”

Who 360 imagery helps

If all goes well, and the overall experience of other online retailers suggests that it will, Amazon will likely expand the categories that can use 360 spin imagery.

Snap 36’s Jeff Hunt says he has yet to find a category of merchandise that does not see a benefit from 360 spin images. Even a company that sells clear bottles saw a 25% increase in top-line revenue when they started using the technology.

Other products that don’t seem like great candidates for 360 spin at first glance have gotten positive results. Consumer brands are a good example. Although being able to see all sides of a bottle of laundry detergent doesn’t seem all that important, it can be a huge selling point for buyers who are seeking more product information. As consumers embrace sustainability and seek to be more informed, 360 imagery allows them to read the labels and verify product information.

Having 360 spin images of a product also gives brands an advantage in visual search and object character recognition (OCR). Artificial intelligence and OCR engines can easily pull information from all product labels, which improves categorization and searchability.

360 spin images are likely to have a huge effect for vendors who have access to the feature, but it’s not going to make other forms of visual imagery obsolete. Still images are useful for showing a product in context — a chair in a dining room for example. Meanwhile, video tells the consumer what the brand thinks is important about their product. Adding all three will create a battalion of powerful tools for any brand on Amazon.

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