Media, Photography and Video Production Services

At Chameleon we combine innovative content with expert digital marketing to benefit your website in many ways. We carefully produce promotional and corporate videos from start to finish and cater for any business small or large.

We provide pre and post video production as well as the production itself. Our service ranges from scriptwriting and administrative duties to filming and editing which ensures the final product is exactly what you pictured.

We pride ourselves in creating engaging custom videos that not only complement your company’s image but strengthen your business in all aspects.

Video production allows your site to quickly deliver your message to customers and therefore engage them on higher level. People tend to digest and retain information when they are actively engaged in the content, therefore having a custom video will not only tell a customer what you do, it will show them too.

Research has found that only 20% of site visitors read the entirety of its content, yet 80% will happily watch a video explaining the same content. As expert content developers we still believe written content is key for your website however by adding a video it adds more diversity to your site. By having a video production as a component on your site it can also get visitors to spend more time on your site which in turn increases credibility in the online world.

Another strength of video production for your company is the advance it gives you compared to your competitors. Chameleon can help your business adapt to the competition to ensure you keep up with their every move and in turn maintain a competitive edge.

Please note we are not allowed to share all our media work due to NDA’s or sensitive material.

Here are some examples of our photography work:-

We Get Involved In Lots Of Varied Media Work

We operate our Media and Video Production Services from Birmingham at our Head Office. However we often work in London and across the UK providing affordable media services to clients of all sizes.