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We are the experts when it comes to branding design and our work is used globally by leading brand names.

Brand Identity

We help to create a true brand identity that is compelling helping to create a statement making your brand globally recognised.

Creative Direction

We create an entire suite of brand designs for all types of communication applications taking the company image or statement forwards.


Rebranding can be key to business success and requires the historical brand image to be understood and then redeveloped to take a business forwards.

What Is Branding? It’s a common misunderstood question that belongs with – How Much Does Branding Design Cost?

Let’s start with “What Is Branding”, it is the process of creating a unique name and image for a company or product that will deliver a message to a consumers’ mind.

It is not just a logo design.

Branding is used mainly through advertising campaigns and needs to have a consistent theme which is unique and can be understood. When designing branding we aim to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market place which will attract new customers and help to retain loyal existing customers.

Choosing a branding agency can be a nightmare with branding agencies charging anything from £300 to £150,000 and upwards with no ceiling – if you gulped and said: “Are you kidding me?“…

Think about the time research, messaging, and visual design processes used and needed to create the perfect brand statement, you can’t put a price on using the best designers in the business, creative thinking and execution comes at a cost and here at Chameleon our brand designers have decades of experience.

We always craft a solution that fits your business and we are here to help you understand the options you have to ensure you can make the best decision for your branding and still be cost-effective working to your budget requirements.

Here are Chameleon we started building our own business in 2001 and we soon learnt that standing out in the market was critical to our success. We needed a unique message and brand voice and as a result, we created the Chameleon Logo to generate a clear statement to identify us from other agencies and this is a recognised image now in Birmingham, Dudley and London.

The cost of designing a brand strategy for our clients varies with each project and once a client realises that to hit their goals they need a clear identity, costs become less important because this is the foundation of the entire future of the business.

We often bring business strategy to all projects even when clients think they don’t need it because we understand that a message based on a weak positioning is going to fall on deaf ears and because here at Chameleon we have the branding design team working alongside the web development and search engine optimisation marketing team we offer more than nearly all other brand agencies in the UK.

Many people misunderstand branding and one of the best statements made that can help people understand the importance is Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos who made the statement “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” and this describes the importance of getting it right.

Have you considered your brand expectations and thought about how the design of everything starts with a brand design?

Branding is how your company is viewed and perceived and this includes how everyone who works for the company from the owner to the workforce perceives the company and where it going.

The company brand connects to an audience at multiple levels, and through different touch points and the design elements become the what, how, and why.

Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

Branding has to come from the company via it’s branding strategy.

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Examples of Clients we work with include:

We also work with the FOUR main West Midlands Football Clubs

Be Creative With Branding and Don’t Be Afraid To Rebrand

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In 2020 With COVID We Tweaked The Branding

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Branding can have hidden meanings and messages.

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