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Chameleon Web Services and Google

Chameleon is an official Google Partner and we work closely with Google on amazing projects that we are very proud of.


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Focus Areas

  • Google Adwords Management

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  • Display Advertising

  • Goolge Business View

  • Advanced AdWords Support

  • Advertising On Google

  • An Enhanced Website

  • An Online Marketing Plan

  • Mobile And Video Ads

Google Award Winners

Wolves 360 tour

We were Global award winners in 2014 winning “The Best Use Of Google Maps API” which was awarded for the creating the Worlds largest Google Street View tour and integrating this into a Website in a way that had not been done before.

This enabled us to bring all the photography together in a usable navigatable way for the user to experience a 360 virtual of the entire football stadium.

Google Zurich

We are very lucky to have been to Google in Zurich, Switzerland and seen how amazing Google’s workplace is.

We have contacts at Google that help us deliver the amazing projects we are involved in and we are very proud of this working relationship.

google street view r7 camera