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Your website is your brand on display, your shop front and one of the most important essential sales and marketing tools you have. You have spent a great deal of money building your website and now you need to attract visitors.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

Every website requires Search Engine OptimisationSEO in order to improve their website and utilise to the full effect the Google search engine services. There are many SEO techniques that are used and Chameleon have tried and tested methods that offer guaranteed success in Search Engines and a return on investment.

How the Google Search Engine can help your business!

Google is the leading search engine offering users the best relevant search results for the keywords that are entered. Google has changed the way in which business’s advertise and this is one of the main reasons that the Yellow Pages has suffered – in today’s technical world, we prefer to search online using computers or smart phones to find information rather than going to the old Yellow Pages or Phone Book. You only have to look at the size of the latest Yellow Pages to realise how many business’s have stopped using the services.

Why does my Business need Search Engine Optimisation – SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ensures that your website is search engine friendly. In order to carry out optimisation there are two main areas known as On Page Search Engine Optimisation – SEO and Off Page Search Engine Optimisation.


On Page Search Engine Optimization

The first thing we do is to identify that all the essential search engine friendly requirements for a search engine to find what it needs are met such as all the Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords and we ensure all the on-page data is relevant and laid out correctly in a way that is both friendly to users and search engine robots.

Off Page Search Engine Optimisation

Organic vs PPCThere are many tasks required for off page optimisation and link building is an important factor of this. The Google changes to the algorithm to prevent link building techniques looks for companies trying to achieve false search results and this makes it very important to create only safe links.

Keyword Research

We identify through research the best keywords to achieve your goals and using our SEO tools we create a full report to show the current ranking status for the chosen keywords and help decide what keywords you should be looking to achieve success in.

But what about Google AdWords?

Google AdWords can be used to achieve high listings in Google search results, but SEO improves your Organic listings which are FREE. If you stop using Google AdWords then your revenue stream stops and daily budgets are paying for window shoppers to your website.

Our SEO clients vary from UK based commercial companies and public sector individuals to companies across the globe including Dubai. The core business was based in Birmingham, but has now grown to Cheltenham and London mainly due to our clients being in all other areas of the UK such as Leeds, Shrewsbury, Manchester, Oxford, Yorkshire, etc.

If you are looking for the best Birmingham SEO Company then give us a call today and see how we can help grow your business on the Internet. One of our SEO consultants will be at hand to answer any questions you might have.

We do not hide our company and you can find us at the bottom of many of our clients websites to help you find our work. Why do other SEO companies not do this? – if you notice a website growing and then suddenly it drops and you have seen that SEO company X had been working on it due to a link at the bottom, this would discourage you from using that SEO Company. For this reason, many Search Engine Optimisation companies hide their company information away.

We offer SEO training for companies and this has proved to be a great success. The feedback we have received is very positive and companies have commented on how little they understood the Internet previously, yet after the SEO training course they felt that they knew more than their competitors and also understood how not to get ripped off with sales men from marketing and advertising companies giving false information to them, promising the earth.

Why use our SEO Services

We are not like any other SEO company due to our focus is on working with clients to improve rankings. We are one of the only SEO companies with a waiting list of clients and when you approach us for a quotation if you want something that we are not able to achieve we not take your project on. Also we must add that we will not work on projects that are unachievable due to the budget being small.

We cannot control Google ranking but we understand what Google looks for to achieve rankings and we have built up over many years test platforms and we monitor what responds as Google changes algorithms.

Nearly all our clients recommend our services to others and this is something that we are proud of and the success of Chameleon is mainly due to the fact that we focus on results not taking money off clients. Happy clients with good rankings makes our business grow and we are proud of this fact and our company has been offering web services since 2001 making us also one of the long standing companies in the industry.


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