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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Services

Here at Chameleon we specialise in helping small, medium and large businesses leverage the power of digital marketing.

Our clients are located all across the UK with requirements from local Birmingham SEO to national UK Based SEO campaigns and we offer success in all areas of online marketing.

Most of the companies that we work with had successfully launched there business using traditional marketing methods like print, radio or TV. They hadn’t figured out how to take the next steps with digital tools like search engine optimisation, social media, video and mobile.

We work with the best-in-class partners, like Google, and offer many unique services including robust reporting and real time campaign optimisation. For years we’ve been helping businesses like yours put the power of digital marketing to work. In fact since many of our clients have informed us that after implementing an online marketing campaign with us they have seen revenues increase on average over 50%.

Competitive prices and long term top rankings with SEO carried out to Google’s guidelines.

If you have a website then you have to take SEO seriously. Search Engine Optimisation is required for your website to achieve rankings in search engines such as Google and the return on investment is far beyond that of pay per click advertising.

SEO techniques can vary and some methods will work better than others for a short time and then cause problems further down the line. Chameleon have tried and tested methods that offer guaranteed success in search engines and we provide a transparent service explaining and educating clients along the way.

We provide bespoke SEO campaigns with everything needed  for your business to succeed with a proven track record of success.


  • No Long Term Contracts

    You Are Able To Cancel Anytime

  • Bespoke Campaigns

    Unique SEO Services To Each Client

  • Extensive Research

    Free Extensive Keyword Research & Competition Analysis

  • Daily Rank Tracking

    Client Login Interface Showing Keyword Rankings Daily

  • Extensive Knowledge

    SEO Experience In Nearly All Business Sectors

  • Happy Clients With Positive Feedback

    We Deliver Professional Services To All Our Clients Big or Small

Over 10 Years Experience

We have over 10 years experience with Search Engine Marketing observing and testing search engine behaviour which has allowed us to become industry leaders making Chameleon the only sensible and safe choice for your business.

Our in-house developed SEO strategies have helped promote some of the UK’s leading brand names and our knowledge and experience is highly regarded and recommended by many.

SEO Industry

The SEO industry has lots of brand new companies providing search engine optimisation services and some are doing really well in the rankings at this point in time making the SEO sector very competitive. These new companies that have only been around a few months and have rankings today but they lack the knowledge or experience that is needed to be able to guarantee long term success.

Over 90% Of People Searching Do Not Visit Page 2 in Google

It is essential for your website to be in the top 5 positions of Google search results. It is a proven fact that people searching for products or services will not visit page 2 of the search results, so it is important to ensure your website can be found on page 1 of Google to guarantee consistent traffic and leads for your business.

Why Focus On Google?

Google is by far the leading search engine delivering users the most relevant search results for the keywords that have been entered and the number of people using Google each day makes Google one of the most important websites on the internet.

Google has changed the way in which business’s now advertise and this is one of the main reasons that the companies like Yellow Pages have suffered. People prefer to search online using computers or smart phones to find information and rarely ever look at a paper version.

If you are a disbeliever of this you only have to look at the size of the latest Yellow Pages to realise how many business’s have stopped using the services and also look how the content is now padded out to make it bigger than it is now needed to be.

SEO Birmingham

Knowledge of how Google’s search engine works will help you understand the important of SEO.

  • What happens when use Google?

    When you use Google you are accessing their powerful index of the internet.

  • Google Spiders

    Google Spiders follow links on web pages to create a huge index of the internet.

  • Google Search

    Google software searches their index of the internet giving the most relevant results to users query.

Our Google SEO Work Involves

Technical SEO Audit of your site

We scan and analyse your website using our in-house tools to determine the current state of your website.

In-depth Keyword Research

We research and find the best keywords for you to rank for.

Competitor Analysis

Analysis of your competition will reveal their gameplan and allow us to improve on it and come out on top.

Optimising Meta Details

Relevant, keyword rich Meta Details will build your ranking foundation.

Optimising On-site Content

We will adjust your page content for maximum SEO value.

Website Architecture

This is the structure of your site, we will make sure everything is streamlined and efficient for your user.

Safe, Powerful Links

We create only most high quality, relevant links to your website – ensuring your backlink profile is clean and natural.

No Spam / No Link Farms

We never create mass quantities of low quality links. We will treat your website as if it were our own.

Long Term Strategy

We value our clients, and ensure our SEO campaigns are geared towards long term growth and avoidance of Google penalties.

Website Speed

A fast website is essential for user experience and is a factor considered in rankings. We will make sure everything is optimal for site speed

Fix On-site Issues

Broken links, broken images? We’ll fix it!

Domain and Site Migration

Need to change your domain or hosting? We’ve got you covered.

Web Analytics

We monitor how many visitors you are getting and what people are doing on the site to give us information on your progress.

Monthly Ranking Reports

You’ll get a report sent to your email every month detailing your keyword positions daily.

Email and Phone Support

We pride ourselves on our customer service. Any problems or questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Interested in working together?

We’re passionate helping businesses like yours overcome their challenges and grow. If you think Chameleon is the right fit for you – we’d love to hear from you!

Our SEO Services include Google Maps Optimisation

We can provide further optimisation than most SEO Company’s due to being an official partner to Google for the West Midlands and across the UK, updating Google Maps information and bringing street view inside a business.

UK SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Specialists


Birmingham SEO Company

Chameleon started life in Birmingham and we have extensive knowledge relating to Birmingham search. We have helped many Business start-ups to achieve growth and success and been involved in large online marketing projects for many well known companies in the West Midlands.

We have ranked for the major Birmingham SEO keywords since 2005 seeing all the Google algorithm changes and even being attacked with negative SEO by a competitor and stayed in the results. To see more information about ranking results of the SEO Birmingham based companies read these reports:-

SEO Birmingham Company Rankings 2010 to 2015 | Birmingham SEO Company Rankings 2016

We are proud to be one of the leading and longest standing Birmingham SEO consulting agencies in the area.


London SEO Company

We have been providing London search marketing services since 2007 and have extensive knowledge in London based SEO Results. Our clients in London can be faced with more difficult challenges due to the geographic’s of the UK and London being such a prime spot for Business’s.

To see more information about ranking results of the SEO London based companies read these reports:-

SEO London Company Rankings 2010 to 2015 | London SEO Company Rankings 2016

The online marketing competition is a challenge for London SEO companies without a great level of experience and we have always proved we can achieve results in this demanding area.


Manchester SEO Company

Manchester is home to many online marketing companies and our presence has grown here over the last 4 years. We have been involved in many business’s operating in and outside Manchester with a great deal of SEO success.

To see more information about ranking results of the SEO Manchester based companies read these reports:-

SEO Manchester Company Rankings 2010 to 2015 | Manchester SEO Company Rankings 2016


Cheltenham SEO Company

We have been providing search marketing services in Cheltenham for business’s since 2009 and we have a well known trusted name in this area as a Cheltenham SEO Company you can trust.

To see more information about ranking results of the SEO Cheltenham based companies read these reports:-

SEO Cheltenham Company Rankings 2010 to 2015 | Cheltenham SEO Company Rankings 2016


Bristol SEO Company

We have been providing services to Bristol based companies now for a number of years and gained respect in this area.

To see more information about ranking results of the SEO Bristol based companies read these reports:-

SEO Bristol Company Rankings 2010 to 2015 | Bristol SEO Company Rankings 2016


UK SEO Company

Our client base covers the UK and providing online services means that we are able to deliver services to any business no matter what the location.

We are able to find solutions to your online business challenges and work with you to achieve your goals no matter what part of the UK your business resides.

To see more information about ranking results of the UK Based SEO company’s read these reports:-

UK SEO Company Rankings 2016