How to rank at position 1 in SERPS in 2020

Ideally, every business wants their website to rank highly in Googles search results. However, without a heavily optimised website, you do not stand a chance. Ranking within Google nowadays has become harder than ever, but Chameleon has written a guide in order for your business to achieve these results.

Our research shows that the top 3 positions within Google get 75.1% of all of clicks and position 1 receives 31% of clicks alone.

seo keyword research

SEO Keyword Research

There are various keyword tools which will help you carry out research into keyword your business should be targeting organically. Some examples of resources are:

The keywords you choose to target are key to the success of the SEO campaign. You need to ensure that they are keywords which are worth trying to achievable and possible to rank for with your website at the stage the website is at. The amount of time and investment that you are going to put into the SEO campaign to improve your organic reach. You also need to make sure that the keywords that you are targeting will generate the ‘right’ traffic for your website in order to lead to conversions.

Along with targeting your competitor’s keywords, attempt to target keywords which your competitors are not initially using, this gives you a better chance of ranking for these keywords if there is less competition as well as gaining the traffic from them which can result in a quicker ROI.

CPC keywords

Using the Google Ads keyword planner tool, you will be able to see the CPC (Cost Per Click) for each keyword. A new method which has been trailed and tested is to look at the CPC instead of the search volume of a keyword. This is because traffic that comes to your website from high CPC keywords tends to convert more.

This is an additional tip to the keyword research tip above.

Re-write old content

This tip is only relevant if your website has been going for years and has out-dated content on it. This is because content that you wrote years ago, is more than likely not relevant any longer and due to this, Google will recognise that it doesn’t any longer fit the search intent of the user and consequently, not rank your web page. The Google Algorithm changes to improve search result content which means content in 2020 is KING.

Furthermore, if you re-write old content to what users are looking for to date, you will have more chance of being displayed in search results.

Embed videos to your content

The amount of time spend on your website pages by users is an important Google ranking factor in 2020. This means that we need to keep users on the page for as long as possible. Embedding a video onto your web page not only allows the user to stay on-site for longer if they watch a video, but also shows them in more detail the services you are promoting contributing towards your conversion rate.

People are more likely to watch a video than reading content, but the video needs to be interesting and keep the attention of the visitor. ROI is high with video content and visitors will trust the product or service if they understand more.

Aim for position 0 ranking

Position 0 is also known as a featured snippet. To rank at this position is often better than ranking at position 1 as this is usually above this position.

A study shows by Ahrefs shows that 99% of position 0 rankings are pulled from the top 10 positions of Google. Therefore, if you are not already on the first page for this keyword, you pretty much have 0% chance of being featured. Boosting your keywords to page 1 of SERPs will help with clicks at these positions as well as boosting your opportunity to be displayed in the featured snippet.

How to rank for position 0:

Firstly, identify the type of featured snippet that is displaying for your chosen keyword. There are 3 main types:

  • Definition snippet
  • Table snippet
  • List snippet

Next, add something to your web page that would fit perfectly into the snippet.

Lastly, wait for results!

Page 1 results achieved by Chameleon

Chameleon boasts that nearly all of our clients have achieved page 1 results within the first year of being a client and this is something achieved as a result of hard work and over achievement. Chameleon has been working with the Internet since 2001 and has seen many other online marketing companies come and go or rebrand. Who should you trust to achieve your company online success?

  • A digital marketing company set up in 2020 to achieve online success for your business.
  • An online marketing company that keeps rebranding to have another go in the SEO industry.
  • A one-man band consultant that thinks they understand SEO with no experience.
  • An SEO company using Google Adwords to rank on page one.
  • A company that has worked in this Industry since 2001 with glowing reviews and clients up selling the services of Chameleon?

All our SEO specialists are trained in the latest strategies and are expanding their knowledge with every Google algorithm update lead by the company Director who is highly respected for his knowledge and approach to online marketing and SEO.

Our expertise allows us to have one of the best chances of achieving page 1 rankings so why not trust us with the SEO for your website?

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