Birmingham SEO Company Comparison August 2020

Chameleon has dominated the SEO Industry since 2007 and we have always been very proud of what we have achieved and the benefits we have provided with a high ROI for all clients. Over the years we have provided an independent comparison using SEMRUSH to give an insight into how far Chameleon is ahead of the local SEO competition in Birmingham which has been eye-opening.

With Google Adwords allowing companies to throw money at Google to achieve top 4 positions in the Adwords, Chameleon has maintained its top 1 to 3 positions in SERP results since 2007. We have seen the Good the Bad and the Ugly over the years in the SEO industry, we have never had issues due to the way in which we operate following Google guidelines and we have seen our competitors fail due to cheating the system.

In 2020 SEO has seen many changes and some companies are now disappearing from the SERPs and this is a result of not keeping up with the times/changes Google needs or a lack of understanding of what is needed.

Birmingham SEO Company Comparison August 2020 Charts

To produce an updated SEO Company comparison for Birmingham in August 2020 we have gone to Google and searched for example “Birmingham SEO Company” and then looked who is in the top results organically.

Birmingham SEO Company 2020

Now we take the companies appearing organically in the Google SERP results and take the URLs of each company and enter them in  the comparison area of SEMRUSH:-

SEO Company Comparison 2020 1

Now let’s look at 2020 only…

So Chameleon clearly ranks for more keywords when compared to the local competition but what about the traffic it generates?

Birmingham SEO Traffic 2020

We have then also used the companies that we used in the last comparison examples of SEO companies.

SEO Company Comparison 2020

This is a good indicator as to what the company selling SEO services can actually achieve. How can you sell a service to a customer if you cannot compete in the Industry you are providing a service for. SEO companies using Google Adwords to win the clicks of business owners who do not understand SERP results are basically taking on clients for SEO services knowing that can not compete.

Chameleon is very proud of our good name in the industry which has been developed from years of hard work and over achievement.

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