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Before you get to tonight’s 2020 celebrations watch this video!

Before you get to tonight’s celebrations watch this video! Feel empowered to start 2020 with your EYES OPEN…  We all need the vision to move forward and achieve success in life, business, relationships…. There is NOT another YOU on this planet. Life isn’t about making a living…. It is about the living your making… […]

How important is a websites hosting for SEO purposes?

Choosing the right company to host your website is important! If you use ‘cheap’ hosting you are not only impacting your websites loading results but also the marketing of your website and therefore hosting can affect the SEO of a website. Fast and reliable hosting can help boost your SEO and offer you an advantage […]

What is PPC?

PPC is an abbreviation for pay per click, also known as Google AdWords, which is a way of advertising your business on search engines. As it states in the name, you literally pay per click you have to your website, from the advertisements. Essentially, it is a method to generate traffic to your site, rather […]