Breslins Group Thanks Chameleon on Twitter

One of clients Breslins Group the Business & Tax Advisers, Chartered Accountants in Birmingham, Coventry and Solihull has seen great business growth since working with us and have used Twitter to thank us for our services.

Breslins business tax advisers

The tweet comes following the success we have achieved for the company:-

Which Birmingham SEO Company To Use?

As a business owner looking for SEO services it can be difficult to understand who is the right company to trust with your website and also a question that business owners ask themselves is ”Do I need an SEO company?”.

There are many Birmingham SEO providers in the West Midlands and depending what you Google you will find slightly different results. A large number of people will search “SEO Birmingham” or “Birmingham SEO Company” and each find different companies in the top three positions to contact.

Then when you contact the SEO Companies or agencies you will find they all explain they are better than the competition due to X,Y and Z. Most of this will be all sales talk and as an SEO sales consultant you will be trained what to say to convert a lead into a new client.

So Which Birmingham SEO Company To Use?

As a business owner how do you know which SEO company can deliver results for you company website:-

Birmingham SEO Company 2016

Birmingham SEO Company 2016 2nd


The last 6 months independent comparison of keyword results – If the data does not generate click the green button “Plot Chart” and the data will capture the latest information.

How do you know which SEO companies have been delivering results over a long period of time:-

Birmingham SEO Company 2010 - 2016

Birmingham SEO Company 2010 - 2016 V2

The independent comparison of Birmingham SEO Companies keywords results since 2010. If the data does not generate click the green button “Plot Chart” and the data will capture the latest information.

The two links above will provide details showing which SEO companies based in Birmingham can achieve keyword rankings and which SEO agencies have been providing services for a long period of time. Both of which are very important factors to consider.

We have used here SEMrush because this is a tool used by most SEO companies to look into the competition for daily SEO use.

Can We Trust The Result Shown Here By SEMrush?

SEMrush started out in 2008 as a small group of SEO and IT specialists united by one mission — to make online competition fair and transparent, with equal opportunities for everyone.

After seven years of experiments and constant progress they have become the world’s leading competitive research service for online marketing.

Search Engines Promotion

Having a website that looks great and functions well with everything your target audience needs to find is step one to your online success.

The next step is search engine promotion which involves carrying out on-page changes to make the website 100% friendly to search engines and this means making it Google friendly.

An SEO Company like Chameleon will look over the website using software and manual checks from experience and also check the competitors actions in the sector. Then carry out carefully planned improvements to enhance the website for search engines.

Visually 99% of the time things do not change, it is coding changes and additions that required for the likes of Google to better understand the website.

This will result in the website being promoted within the search results because the website is now relevant to specific keywords.

For example Google “Birmingham SEO Company” and look for Chameleon. Our website appears number one in the organic search results because we are most relevant for the search within Birmingham.

To find out more and understand how to promote your website give Chameleon a call on 0121 663 0456 today.