SEO Package Prices

The price of SEO services varies greatly between different companies and depends heavily on the sector in which your website is a part of in terms of competition and the amount of keywords you wish to rank for. Ultimately, it all comes down to time; the more time that an SEO company needs to spend on optimising your site, the more expensive your SEO package will be.

Many SEO companies provide packages with different levels of service being described as Gold, Silver or Bronze or similar denominations. Obviously, the higher the quality of the SEO package, the more features you will receive such as more keywords optimised for, social networking pages optimised and more articles created and submitted. The overall SEO package prices are set at the discretion of the SEO company.

If you are trying to research the cost of SEO then looking at SEO package prices is a good place to begin. It will give you an upfront idea of the general prices and the sorts of services that you can expect to receive for these prices. However, it is not always the best strategy to sign up to a package deal as the services on offer may not exactly suit your individual requirements.

This is because your SEO campaign should be bespoke and therefore the pricing structure based upon your exact requirements, rather than a generic overview. No two SEO campaigns are the same so it is impossible to set a price for a successful campaign which is chosen by the client. For example, an insurance company would face lots of competition for its keywords whilst a local mobile hairdresser chasing local location terms would not; in theory they could both choose the same package but experience very different results.

In order to get the best experience, choose an SEO company who offer a bespoke service.