Company Branding Google Images

Has Chameleon become a brand name with the large players across the globe.

Company Branding

If you Google “brand logos” and look in the top images shown in Google we now have the Chameleon logo.

This is something we did as an exercise in-house to see if it is possible to optimise for even the most difficult keywords and get results within Google images.

Google Images Optimisation

If you are selling a product it is important to that people can find it when they use Google images due to the popularity of this Google service.

For example if you are selling designer lighting and your USP is the fact that it is unusual then you will get sales from a Google search like this:-

unusual designer lighting

If you look at the first image shown this is unique and funky and potentially something that is impossible to search for. The company Instant Shift will get sales of this from people using Google image search results.