The letter M has shocked us today. In our online research we come across many things that are interesting and strange due to the fact the internet is full of weird and wonderful things.

Today we found the single letter “M” get searched 301,000 per month with about 20,210,000,000 results in Google making this letter pretty special.


The letter M is derived from the Phoenician Mem and it the 13th letter in basic alphabet.

Famous uses of the letter M

M was a well known character in James Bond, the character was the Head of the MI6 – Secret Intelligence Service. Bernard Lee played M from 1962 to 1979, then Robert Brown played M from 1983 to 1989 and then Judi Dench played M from 1995 to 2012.

The M film of 1931 which was German thriller directed by Fritz Lang used the letter M for the name on its own.

M (1931 film) m film

The famous American rapper M.C. Hammer had the letter m due to being an M.C. which is the true essence of hip-hop – don’t confuse this with a rapper (apparently) so we are slightly confused here!

Other celeberities with the letter M are Madonna, Margaret Thatcher, James May, Michael McIntyre, Victor Meldrew, Minogues (Kylie or Dannii), Helen Mirren, Mr Bean, Roger Moore, Piers Morgan, Carey Mulligan, Rupert Murdoch, Al Murray, Andrew Murray, Ollie Murs, Kate Middleton, etc.

Miami Vice is the top rated movie starting with the letter M according to the IMDB with 8.1/10 followed by Monsters Inc also with 8.1/10.

M – Mobile Website Suffix

The letter m is often used for mobile versions of websites to show visitors this is mobile specific. Examples include “m.facebook.com”, “m.bbc.co.uk”, “m.ticketmaster.co.uk”, “m.paybyphone.com”, “m.ign.com”, “m.atpworldtour.com”, “m.thehindu.com”, “m.zoopla.co.uk”, etc.

Other uses of the letter M

BMW use the letter M for the sport models known as “BMW M Power” which is BMW Motorsport GmbH. The letter ‘M’ stands for Motorsport.

Computing codes using M

In ASCII the letter m is 77 for a capital and 109 for a lower case m in decimal. In hex this is 4D for a capital and 6D for a lower case m.

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