Samsung S10 plus – Playback Stops in Lock Screen SOLVED

So you upgrade to the amazing Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and love the phone. You then come to listen to music on Spotify and the playback keeps stopping. This is so frustrating, looking online we found many people like our office mobiles have the same issue.

Samsung S10 plus – Playback Stops in Lock Screen SOLVED

Technically the reason the phone is stopping Spotify is due to the new power management system on the S10 and S10+ and this means you need to tell the phone to allow Spotify to use battery and not sleep.

    • Go to SETTINGS
    • Click Search (Click on the magnifying glass)
    • Type “Sleep”
    • Click on “Sleeping apps”
    • Now find SPOTIFY and click on the icon to enter the setting for the APP.
    • samsung s10 plus sleeping apps
    • Now you will have the APP info related to SPOTIFY
    • Click on the BATTERY wording to enter the setting relating to the Battery usage for the SPOTIFY APP.
    • samsung 10 plus spotify sleeping lock screen
    • Now set “Allow Background Activity”:-
    • samsung s10 plus spotify sleeping

Spotify will now not go to sleep when listening to music allowing to listen to uninterpreted music – SOLVED.

If you find this useful please share this – many people the same issue and it was a real headache, yet simple to solve.

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Are McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets Real Chicken

Ring Video Doorbell 2 and Camera

Ring is one of the fastest growing home security providers owned by Amazon. The company Ring manufactures a range of home security products that incorporate outdoor motion based cameras and doorbells and one of the fastest growing products is the Ring Video Doorbell.

We have tested the Ring Video Doorbell 2 and also the Ring Cameras.Ring Door Bell 2 With Chime

Ring Doorbell 2

The technology and build quality of the Ring Doorbell 2 is impressive and once you open the box it is clear this is a serious piece of technology developed by geeks who love gadgets. This is definitely the next-level home security that as the world we live in changes, it gives us more control. Being a rechargeable battery device it can be installed by anyone and doesn’t need an electrician making it a great option for all.

The ring doorbell video allows you to view what is happening at home in a crystal-clear 1080p HD video. It then goes one step further than a normal CCTV camera device allowing you to hear and speak to visitors or intruders.

You can also get instant mobile alerts and which can allow you to answer someone ringing your doorbell from your smartphone, tablet and PC.

Ring Wifi Setup

The setup is simple and intuitive, however, if you hit an issue setting up wifi it is important to note that the Ring products only support 2.4Ghz wifi on channels 1 to 11.

Ring does not support 12 or 13 so this could be your issue if you cannot find your wifi network. You can normally change the wifi channel in the router to overcome this problem quickly and this can be a benefit if your neighbours are using the same channels as most wifi routers have a default channel configuration.

Once setup the APP is very easy to navigate and use, allowing configuration to provide a setup to ensure your home is safe and at the same time prevent false alarms.

Once setup and names it is easy to control the Ring Video Doorbell 2:-

Ring Video Doorbell 2

At any point if you can check the health of the device:-

Ring Video Doorbell 2 Device Health

You can change the wifi network used here following the simple instructions and we tested this out and found it very easy to carry out.

Ring Video Doorbell 2 Motion Settings

Adjusting the motion events is also very simple to operate and setup. If you live by a busy road you have specific setting tailored for this and you can also adjust how far the motion zone covers in a distance setting which means you can cover your property boundary only.

You can also determine how frequent the alerts are that going to be with control over when the motion should be monitored.

Ring Battery Spotlight Cam

The same simple setup and operation is continued across the range and the Ring Spotlights are great providing a HD security camera with spotlights. They also feature a 110-decibel siren alarm which can be triggered from the APP.

The features extend to motion-activated camera and floodlights, app-controlled camera, lights and siren and smart zoom with panning.

Ring Battery Spotlight Cam

The Ring Battery Spotlight Camera allows you to install two batteries which is great due to the larger power requirements. You can also purchase a hard-wired version.

Ring Battery Spotlight Camera wired

Depending upon your requirements both offer a great security addition to your home.

Waist Trainer Before and After Search Results

On a daily basis as an SEO company, we get asked to investigate search behaviour to identify a specific industry sector and sometimes the keyword research shocks us. This week we have been asked to investigate “Waist Trainer” and one of the first things we found was that people search for this body shape changing product using the word “waste” which is obviously incorrect but shows how important our research can be. This is something that we found was common even the 1950’s and started with Marilyn Monroe and the shape of her figure looked like an hour glass.

Waist Trainer Before and After Search Results

Our research identified search volumes with people looking for answers to “Waist Trainer Before and After Search Results” and “waist trainer results“:-

Waist Trainer Before and After

This search result in Google shows the images and the behaviour of people searching this keyword are to go straight into the images to find an image that has the vision in mind as a focus point.

Waist Trainer Before and After Images

It is clear that SEO is vital here for images to achieve rankings within the image results as this is going to drive a lot of traffic to a website.

Looking at Google Trends for this type of search results found:-

Trend data for Waist Trainer

USA Trend for Waist Trainer

UK Trend for Waist Trainer

This data shows this is a new trend growing and trends like this are key to follow and understand why. One of the key areas related to this trend is the Celebrity Kim Kardashian and her hour glass shape or coke body.

The results we have found are that people are searching “kim kardashian waist training” information“.

This look is becoming the new look for women and referred to a skinny waist and big hips with often larger boobs. The resemblance to an hourglass figure with the visual look the same as a coke bottle.

What does the Coke bottle body look like?

The Coke bottle body looks have gone made with people taking things too far…

What does the Coke bottle body look like

As with most body enhancements, people get addicted and lose site of things becoming obsessed with change and this then leads to an extreme change and often results in issues. The perfect coke bottle body should be finding the middle ground between normal and too far and in the example above both are perfectly attractive shapes/figures but the subtle coke bottle look gives an enhancement which works well.

The research shows that this waist training topic is large when looking at search volumes:-

waist trainer seo

Google shopping shows a large number of products are available for waist training and the images show the waistline before and after.

Waist Trainer shopping images

The key to achieving success online to sell products to this audience is to provide as much information as most importantly photos. Photos are the key to drawing people to a website related to this search terms.

Waist Trainer Before and After

How to achieve a coke bottle shape

A common search term related to this topic is “how to achieve a coke bottle shape” and this search in Google will show this new craze images like:-

how to achieve a coke bottle shape

People are also searching for information using search terms like “coke bottle shaped body measurements” and from our research, we were shocked to find some of the images we found and feel it is important to get this message across.

Do not worry about your bone structure, you cannot change this and stop trying to look exactly like someone you will never be. Be happy with your body and remember that eating a healthy diet and exercising will give you a much happy life. Exercise is the key to success and often is ignored and people turn to food instead of exercise when feeling down.