Northern Lights Visible Across Birmingham, UK Tonight 26/10/2016

The Northern Lights could be visible across the UK tonight 26/10/2016 and Birmingham should be able to see this due to the strong geomagnetic storm.

How To See The Birmingham Northern Lights Tonight

You will need to ensure you can find clear and dark skies to be able to witness the magical Birmingham Northern Lights show tonight. Looking on Accuweather the forecast is looking ok:-

Birmingham Northern Lights Tonight 26-10-2016
Example image: Aurora Borealis in Thurso, Scotland taken by @GriffinWildlife

Visit for more information.

Stunning Aurora Borealis from Space in Ultra-High Definition (4K)

Stunning Aurora Borealis from Space in Ultra-High Definition (4K)

Published on 17 Apr 2016 by NASA.

What Causes the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) for Adults:-

Aurora Borealis Explained

What Causes the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) Explained for Kids:-

What Causes The Northern Lights?

You can find more information provided by AuroraWatch UK – See the aurora borealis from the UK

There is Facebook page capturing details:-

The Northern Lights In Denmark Tonight

Northern Lights with Timetravels

Excellent video here showing the magical lights:-

Northern Lights with Timetravels

If you wish to see the Lights dancing on a sky it makes perfect sense to travel to the Northern part of Lapland. Before you go, do not forget to download an app showing the probability of the Northern Lights for the next days. Sign up for a guided safari focused on catching that natural phenomenon. Safari may vary from a simple snowshoe walk to a well equipped snowmobile ride with snacks and hot drinks. Down the road, local guides will teach you to understand the essentials of Northern Lights, read the stars and survive in wild nature.

Birmingham Average Speed Enforcement (ASE) Cameras Locations

If you were not aware, from the 8th August 2016 Birmingham City Council, Solihull Metropolitan Council and West Midlands Police are introducing new Average Speed Enforcement (ASE) camera system to improve road safety in the areas of the West Midlands.

These new camera installations are to replace the old obsolete wet film safety cameras.

Birmingham Average Speed Enforcement ASE Cameras

The introduction of the Average Speed Enforcement cameras known as ASE is designed to positively influence driver behaviour making the average journey speed reduce over the section and making driver understand speed. It is proven that drivers comply with the set limits on roads which has a positive effect creating a safer environment for everyone who uses the roads.

The ASE cameras in Birmingham & Solihull will detect vehicle number plates at the first camera and record the details of the start time. They then capture at the next camera the journey time over the set distance and calculate the average speed by measuring the time taken to travel between fixed points.

Birmingham ASE Camera Roads

The Birmingham Average Speed Enforcement (ASE) cameras are located on the following roads. They are visible by highlighted signage informing drivers that they are entering an average speed controlled zone.

Birmingham Average Speed Enforcement ASE Camera Roads

A38 Bristol Road between Priory Road and Speedwell Road (average speed limit 30mph)
A456 Hagley Road between Portland Road and Lordswood Road (average speed limit 30mph)
A4540 New John Street between Lucas Circus and Hospital Street (average speed limit 30mph)
A34 Newtown Row between New John Street West and Newbury Road (average speed limit 30mph)
A45 Coventry Road between Berkley Road and Rowland Road/Steyning Road (average speed limit 40mph)

Solihull Average Speed Enforcement ASE Camera Roads

B425 Lode Lane between Henley Crescent and Moat Lane (average speed limit 30mph)
B4114 Bradford Road / Chester Road in the vicinity of the junction (average speed limit 30mph)
A3400 Stratford Road, Hockley Heath (average speed limit 30mph)

If you wanted to find out more information relating to this project in the Birmingham area you can contact

This new system has been tested with amazing results in Scotland first installed on the A77 in Ayrshire between Bogend Toll and Ardwell Bay in 2005.

Image from

Average Speed Enforcement (ASE) Cameras Locations in Birmingham, Solihull & West Midlands

You can find the location of the Speed Cameras in Birmingham, Solihull & West Midlands by visiting this link:-
Download the camera locations: Average Speed Enforcement (ASE) Cameras in Birmingham

How Does A Fixed Gatso Camera Work

How Does A Truvelo Front Camera Work

How Does A Red Light Camera Work

How Does A Mobile Speed Camera Work

How Does A Digital Speed Camera Work

For more information about Cameras and this information visit:-

Caught Speeding in Birmingham?

At times even careful safe drivers might be caught speeding. The old cameras will flash and this will give you an indication you may have a letter which will be a Notice Of Intended Prosecution through the post. When you receive this letter you should immediately complete and return it to the Police Central Ticket Office.

Low speed speeding offenders may be offered a place on a Speed Awareness Workshop, depending on eligibility and high speed speeding offenders will be sent a Court Summons. All other speeding and red light offenders, or those who decline a Speed Awareness Workshop will be sent a Conditional Offer of a Fixed Penalty.

If you receive a letter of Intended Prosecution and you were not driving at the time of the offence then you must identify the driver immediately. referral

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Funny Review

We all as business owners we all want to attract positive reviews for our products and services. Reviews are boring and getting clients to leave them is very difficult and they can either be great or a few simple words.

We found the funniest review ever and this we thought we would should share!

Funny Review

The Review text:
I gingerly climbed on top of the plastic contraption now ringing my porcelain throne. It soon became apparent that I couldn’t keep my britches at my ankles as I normally did. No, they had to go entirely, along with my underthings. And if there is anything more ridiculous on this planet than the sight of a human man wearing a t-shirt and nothing else, I have yet to experience it. So in the interest of saving myself this unfortunate view, I doffed the shirt as well. Now entirely naked, I again attempted to step onto the device. I was unsure, but it seemed to hold. I settled down to the seat, with only the extremities of my posterior touching. My knees were up at my chest. This, plus my complete nakedness, felt very primal. It felt third-world and adventurous. It felt… RIGHT. I concentrated on the task at hand. I had felt a slight urge to go, and had been eager to try out the new purchase. I had been intrigued by the promise that my business would henceforth require substantially less effort on my part, because of the wild beast–man position it forced upon me. But I was still skeptical. It sounded too good to be true. Surely the difference couldn’t be that dras— HOLY HELL I’M POOPING.

Well, let me clarify. It wasn’t so much that I was dropping a deuce. Oh, it was being dropped; that much was undeniable. But I couldn’t really claim agency on said descent. Gravity was doing the work. I was merely the meaty husk from which it made its hasty escape. Used to more of a segmented approach to waste disposal, I was quite surprised that the creature making its egress from my nethers had more the appearance of a python. Smooth, and consistent in width, it coiled luxuriously in a pool of toilet water that is (or at least was) cleaner than the water that most of the people on this planet drink. As it continued to coil, my emotional state flowed from one of surprise, to horror, to amazement, and then again to horror as the snake coiled higher and higher, like soft serve ice cream at an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet. It was now surfacing above the water line. But still, the snake showed no signs that it was anywhere near finished with its journey. In a panic, I pawed at the flusher. The poor toilet strained, but eventually sent things on their way. But I wasn’t done yet. As the toilet flushed the waste away, more came to replace it. As the flush subsided, the coil started anew. And then I was done. I tried to catch my breath as the toilet flushed a second time. I felt my liver shift and expand, unsure what to do with all the extra space now afforded to it. I cleaned up and stood, almost dizzy after the affair. “Wow. A+++”, I thought to myself. “Would poop again.”

“Very well,” my bowels seemed to answer, “let’s have another go!”

“Surely you’re joking”, I thought, scrambling to once again work myself into proper Tarzanic stance. There couldn’t possibly be anything left inside of me. I genuinely began to worry that what would come out next might be some vital organ, brought to a freedom-seeking frenzy by all the commotion. But no, it was yet another perfectly formed tube of human excrement. I sat, mouth agape, as number two (round two) breached the water line and came to a graceful finish, leaving an improbable conical shape below me. As I flushed the toilet for the third time in what had astoundingly only been about 70 seconds I wondered if life would ever be the same again.

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healthy life


This video of a Girl Snowboarder who is unaware she is being chased by a bear is going viral across the Internet.


Some are saying its fake!

This has created a large amount of interest online and the Google Trending lookings like this:-