Hit and run in Kemptown, Brighton – Can you help?

Warning. This video contains footage that some people may find distressing.

Police have released CCTV in a bid to identify the driver in a hit and run in Brighton.

Officers are looking to speak to people who were in the area at the time and may be able to help with the investigation.

A 3.40pm on Thursday, January 14 a 53-year-old pedestrian was hit by a Fiat 500 on Montague Place in the Kemptown area. The Fiat was being driven along Bristol Road before turning left into Montague Place where it collided with the man crossing the road. It didn’t stop at the scene and can be seen to carry on along Montague Place and turn right into College Street.

The victim suffered serious injuries.

Sergeant Dan Pitcher said: “We are very keen to trace the drivers of the taxi, the silver van, the dark Ford Focus and the black parked car. We think you could give us vital information we need to identify the driver. Were you the taxi driver and do you have a dash camera which may have captured the Fiat as it drove past? Were you in the silver van and did you notice who was driving as the Fiat approached the junction? The Ford turned before the Fiat and you may have seen something in your rear view mirror. We believe the woman in the parked car was in it during the time of the collision, did you see what happened?

“We are keen to speak to anyone who saw what happened or can give us information which will help with our investigation? The Fiat drove off leaving the victim for dead and clearly they would have known they had hit someone. The pedestrian, a man from Hove, suffered serious head injuries and is thankfully making a recovery.”

If you recognise yourself or the vehicle you were in please get in touch on collision.appeal@sussex.pnn.police.uk or 101 quoting Operation Northdown.

Why Has Google Disabled Instant Phone Verification

Ever wonder why Google has Disabled Instant Phone Verification for Google Map Pins.

Well this was after Seattle techie, Bryan Seely created a fake listing for a Secret Service office to show loopholes in Google’s system that can allow scammers to divert traffic from local services.

Bryan Seely started by going to Google Map Maker which is the tool provided by Google that allows regular users to add information on local places to Google Maps.

He then created entries for two ATMs, including a phone number for each of the locations. The ATMs were actually real but the phone numbers were number that he had set up.

Then he went into Google Places, where businesses can create a place page and created a listing for the ATM which then requires a verification which was completed using the automated call to the phone numbers he had created for each ATM. This automated service provides him a PIN number which is then entered to make the place listings live in his control.

He then changed the to ATMs to be the Secret Service office in Washington and an FBI office in San Francisco which then once live means that in Google Maps this was now real.

He then set up the phone numbers to forward any calls to the actual Secret Service office in Washington or the genuine FBI office in San Francisco.

To monitor things he also recorded the calls received that were made to these numbers and the fake listings got calls.

Of the calls received one was from a Washington police officer calling the Secret Service to discuss counterfeit money he had discovered.

He then having completed the exercise pulled the plug after 24 hours. He went to the local Secret Service office in Seattle to show and explain what he had done and deleted the listings while there.

Google has disabled the instant phone verification now and in order to get a business listing you have to use the Postal Service to get a postcard containing your PIN to verify.

2016 New Year Resolutions Ideas

It is the time of year when we look at new year resolutions ideas getting ready for 2016. The most important things you can do that will make a difference to your life in 2016 are below:-

1. Lose Weight

This has to be one of the most spoken about new year resolutions which is probably not ever taken seriously due to the fact that so much chocolate and food is around following Christmas. Before you hate your body take a look at the real world we live in and not the super model skinny world that we see in magazines.

men and woman body fat examples

Weight loss is a real problem because the media have made us believe that everyone is too fat. In the celebrity world you are either too fat to too thin you simply cannot win. Whats wrong with normal, we don’t need to label everything and basically living a healthy active life and eating what you need and drinking in moderation will result in a normal body.

A survey conducted shows that more men prefer woman that are size 12 and this is is shown below:-

women thin vs skinny

We all need to think about what we eat and when we eat it. But the most important thing is to feel happy and live your life.

too fat or too thin

The biggest problem of today is parents being busy and feeding the wrong fast foods to children and then to make matters worse children are spending more time playing computer games than actually being active outdoors and this is getting worse by generation.

over weight children

So a new years resolution for weight loss should be to think about what you eat and when. Simply do more active things outside that are FREE like going to a local park and walking. Set yourself real goals that your body can achieve and then once you have achieved this you will feel better about your body. Attainable goals are something you can work with and this will result in a more positive mindset.

2. Quit Smoking

For smokers this new years resolution is often considered to be one of the hardest to achieve and this is due to smoking being a habit difficult to break. You can find plenty of products, read books or online and find methods and systems to help you quit smoking but these are never going to work unless you actually want to quit.

quit smoking

why stop smoking

We all know how bad smoking is for us and smoking has been banned in public places, restaurants and pubs which highlights the smoking population to look dirty. So how do you stop smoking?

Decide you actually want to STOP and then start here: http://www.nhs.uk/livewell/smoking/Pages/stopsmokingnewhome.aspx

3. Understand And Thank The Important People In Your Life

We all take the most important people in our life’s for granted. We might see them everyday and they do amazing things for us because they love us. Taking the time to let them know how important they are to us on an occasional basis will make you an them feel good. As a result this will strengthen the relationship between you and also make your life happier and happy people achieve more.

Live a Happy Life!

Santa History

We all love Santa Claus, even as we get older the big man holds a special place in our hearts. Even though the jolly chap in the red suit with a lovely white beard is vivid in our memories we learnt something new and strange last week following a business meeting.

Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Santy, or simply Santa are all of the names the big fella goes under.

Santa Claus saint nicholas santa claus

Santa Claus was not always red prior to 1931. He was many things from a tall gaunt man to a spooky-looking elf.

Pre-modern representations of the Santa from Church history and folklore suggest he is actually St Nicholas, also known as Sinterklaas who later merged with the English character Father Christmas to create the icon known to Americans and the rest of the English-speaking world as “Santa Claus”.


Google Data Center 360 Virtual Tour

Have you ever wanted to see what a Google Data Center looks like inside? When we looked around we found someone amazing things such as the Storm Trooper:-

Google Storm Trooper

Take a closer look at the 360 virtual tour withing the Google Data Center and note the Star Wars Storm Trooper and R2D2, see what elese you can find.

From here you can walk into the Data Center and around at Google Lenoir.

The Android area:-