Google SEO

The most successful and commonly used search engine on the Internet is undoubtedly Google; this is why it is the search engine that the majority of businesses want to rank highly in. As well as search, Google now offers a range of services including Google Business Photos, Maps and Analytics which are useful for all types of businesses to be a part of. In order to appear in the search results, your business needs Google SEO.

The process of SEO makes websites Google friendly in order to allow it to rank them. Google ranks sites based upon their relevance to keywords as calculated by its algorithm. The Google algorithm takes into account factors including content, links, meta data and more. In order for your website to rank, you need a Google SEO company to work on these elements and others to make them Google friendly.
In an attempt to ensure the quality of their search results, Google regularly updates its algorithms. There is often panic in the SEO world when algorithm updates are released as they signal a change in what Google are looking for in order to rank sites highly, however as Chameleon prides itself on white-hat methods, we are yet to experience a drop in rankings due to these updates.

Chameleon have been a leading Google SEO company for many years and helped a number of clients reach Google page 1. We have extensive knowledge of the SEO industry and pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest updates and Google algorithm changes to ensure that our clients are not negatively affected by them.