BBC uses Hexacopter for the first time

As the government publishes its latest economic case for HS2 the BBC are purchasing and using a Hexacopter for the first time to cover the HS2 story.

The BBC have stated “The use of a hexacopter allows the filming of locations and angles that previously would not have been possible”.

A Hexacopter provides filming where a helicopter can not fly and also the data can be sent back to director in real time and this makes filming much faster.

There is a fantastic article from the Transport correspondent Richard Westcott:-

The BBC purchased a DJi S800 Hexacopter which is a fantastic piece of technology.

The hexacopter is able to take video footage while soaring in the air and creeping across the ground

Civil Aviation Authority regulates the use of these drones:

  • Fly within 50m of a road or building unless it’s under our control
  • Fly over crowds
  • Fly 500m horizontally or 120m vertically from the pilot

Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Health and Safety

Nick Roxburgh a safety officer and UAS pilot explains in more detail the key maintenance checks to complete before flying and Health and Safety information.

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