Automated Product Photography 360 Spin

Automated Product Photography 360 Spin

Automated Product Photography 360 Spin video showing an example of how simple and powerful this equipment is. Our photo studio is available for hire or we can photograph the products for you.

Marco Pierre White Visits Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport

Marco Pierre White Visits Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport on Tuesday 21st November 2017.

Cadwell Park Safety Video Goes Viral

We recently got involved creating a video to highlight the importance of safety for amateur racing drivers following a horrible crash at Cadwell Park involving Darren Langeveld and his racing Clio Cup 172 Racing Car.

Cadwell Park Clio Pit wall crash HANS device

The video went live 03/11/2014 and has already achieved over 100,000 views on YouTube and this is growing buy the hour.

This video seems to have hit home the importance of safety but also has angered the motorsport drivers and fans.

cadwell park crash

Why Did We Do This Cadwell Park Safety Video?

After the accident we were all just glad to see Darren O.K even with minor injuries, but after a short while a discussion was had about what to do with all the footage.

The car was scrap which was a great waste but perhaps it could have one more use so it was decided a film had to be made.

It would have been easy to produce a quick and not very slick name and shame campaign but the chance to perhaps save a few future lives seemed too good to miss.

Darren’s script was written and edited to be mostly positive and lean heavily towards safety and the joys of motorsport.

A lot of people had generously helped prepared the car and provide assistance with parts and so on. It only seemed right to thank them too.

On the day of the accident, I had done a lot of filming for fun so there was plenty of source material to work with.

The extra presenting and narration filming was taken in Aarons Autos garage next to the damaged car.

war of the worlds

The setup was described to look from CCTV like something from the “War Of The Worlds”.

To be honest, when the final edit was completed everyone agreed it was a nice little safety video.

No-one had any idea how good response was going to be, it’s all a little shocking see all the threads and comments around the internet.

After the dust has settled, no-one will have made any money but if a few racers this year buy a HANS device after watching this video that’s fine by me.

Let’s hope next year’s racing season goes better for everyone and lessons have been learned.

Cadwell Park Crash MSVR

Cadwell Park Crash MSVR 3

Cadwell Park Crash MSVR 6

Cadwell Park Crash MSVR 5

Cadwell Park Crash MSVR 4


Cadwell Park Crash MSVR 2


See Darren & Chris Hoey Outright Win in the Clio

Donington Park 27th April - Trackday Trophy Race Action - MSVT

Event Filming Services British Powerlifting Championships

Event Filming Services by Chameleon

An example of our Event Filming Services working for the Birmingham City Council at the British Powerlifting Championships.

Event Filming Services British Powerlifting Championships Mens 60 Kg

Event Filming Services British Powerlifting Championships Womens 90kg

Event Filming Services British Powerlifting Championships Mens 67 5kg

Event Filming Services British Powerlifting Championships Mens 75kg

Event Filming Services

If you have an event coming up and need to use a professional media company that help not only film and produce the footage and then help put this on your website, simply contact the Chameleon media team today on 0121 663 0456.

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BBC uses Hexacopter for the first time

As the government publishes its latest economic case for HS2 the BBC are purchasing and using a Hexacopter for the first time to cover the HS2 story.

The BBC have stated “The use of a hexacopter allows the filming of locations and angles that previously would not have been possible”.

A Hexacopter provides filming where a helicopter can not fly and also the data can be sent back to director in real time and this makes filming much faster.

There is a fantastic article from the Transport correspondent Richard Westcott:-

The BBC purchased a DJi S800 Hexacopter which is a fantastic piece of technology.

The hexacopter is able to take video footage while soaring in the air and creeping across the ground

Civil Aviation Authority regulates the use of these drones:

  • Fly within 50m of a road or building unless it’s under our control
  • Fly over crowds
  • Fly 500m horizontally or 120m vertically from the pilot

Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Health and Safety

Nick Roxburgh a safety officer and UAS pilot explains in more detail the key maintenance checks to complete before flying and Health and Safety information.

If you require the services of aerial photography or filming please get in touch with us today by calling 0121 663 0456.