London’s 2015 New Year Firework Display

Easyjet is developing drones to inspect its fleet of Airbus aircraft, and may introduce the flying maintenance robots as early as next year. The drones will be used to scan and assess Easyjet planes and report damage back to engineers. The flying robots are being developed by a team that includes experts from the University of Bristol. Easyjet is also developing virtual reality video technology. In addition, Easyjet wants apps to help with maintenance, and the airline is fitting “paperless plane” technology. Durable laptop computers will replace printed navigational charts in planes.

Drones Used to Asses Aircraft Damage

As the government publishes its latest economic case for HS2 the BBC are purchasing and using a Hexacopter for the first time to cover the HS2 story.

BBC uses Hexacopter for the first time