Best SEO Company

Best SEO CompanyOne of the most common questions that we get asked is “Who is the Best SEO Company?” yet this is not simple to answer.

Some SEO companies suggest they are the best and attribute this to the fact that they are working with large clients; however large clients are possibly the easiest to gain results for. This is due to them already having a natural SEO foundation of followers and links including press releases.

Take for example Aston Villa in Birmingham; how would they really know if the chosen SEO company by AVFC was carrying out SEO well?

The most searched keywords for the domain are:-

aston villa
villa aston
villa park

Who do you think the competitors are for these terms? There are few.

The on-page SEO can seen here –

In contrast, a small company trying to sell a service or products is far more difficult to work with than a large brand name; if the services or products are in competition with a leading brand name then the task of the SEO company is huge.

For example, an accountant in the Black Country is quite difficult to achieve rankings for. This is because there are many of them so the number 1 position in Google is going to be fairly competitive for the keywords:-

black country accountant
accountant black country

For both of these you will find a Chameleon client Sandwell Accountancy Services Ltd in position one.

To make this more difficult, consider an accountant in the Black Country who wants to attract clients from Birmingham, and to make things even more difficult Birmingham City Centre, they would need to be appearing for keywords like:-

Central Birmingham Accountant
Central Birmingham Accounts
Accountant Services Birmingham
Birmingham Accountancy Services

Again, you will find Sandwell Accountancy Services Ltd in the top position, which means that for the Birmingham area Chameleon could be said to be the best Birmingham SEO Company.

What if we Google “Best Birmingham SEO Company”, who do we find top of Google? Chameleon Web Services.

For a Birmingham based SEO company to state that they are the best in the SEO industry they must appear for the SEO terms relating to the Industry in the top 3 position of

Chameleon’s rankings are as follows:

best birmingham seo company – 1st
birmingham seo company – 1st
seo company birmingham – 1st
seo services birmingham – 1st
seo consultant birmingham – 1st
birmingham seo consultancy – 1st
birmingham seo companies – 1st
seo company in birmingham – 1st
birmingham seo services – 1st
seo companies in birmingham – 1st

What about other related services such as Google Adwords? The best SEO company in Birmingham should also be able to get No 1 in Google for these terms:-

adwords birmingham – 1st
google adwords management birmingham – 1st

Ultimately then, the figures speak for themselves; Chameleon Web Services is Birmingham’s Best SEO Company.