SEO Service

SEO Service

SEO Service providers are used to provide an expert assessment of a website and identify changes required to help the website grow within organic search results and this role is known as search engine optimization. After carrying out SEO on page changes the website should have increased visitors to the website as a result of obtaining the high-ranking positions in organic search results of search engines (SERP).

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SEO Service Packages

SEO services will be provided in a variety of packages which will include keyword and keyphrase research, competitor audit and research, technical website SEO audit of on-page content and external backlinks, robots.txt and sitemap.xml to be created or checked, identification of required and missing content and then because no website is the same, identification of additional tasks to achieve success within the specific industry sector.

SEO Service Costs

How much should SEO services cost is a question that leads to many issues in the Industry. SEO services carried out correctly will have a huge impact on visitors to a website and this should provide new leads or product sales. With every website being different and having a completely different history it is never a simple question to answer. SEO service costs should be relevant to the required hours to achieve success. With this in mind, if you consider the standard hourly rate in the UK for an SEO Consultant is £55 to £125 per hour then an company offering services for £30 per month, you should question! what are they going to actually do and achieve?

To then take this further an SEO Company should install Google tracking in Search Console (Webmaster Tools) and Google Analytics to identify the current situation and also monitor the improvements. This analysis work alone can take a number of hours alone and for larger projects nearly an entire day.

Then carrying out an SEO on-page audit and backlink health check will require many hours of labour. And on top of this, there is the research into the competitors and the industry to identify the correct keywords for the business to achieve.

Every SEO agency will be using various software platforms which are all paid subscriptions like:-

The SEO service provider should also provide keyword rank tracking in the form of a report or client portal to monitor keyword positions with search volumes and compare growth to give transparency of the SEO service results.

If you then consider that organic SEO search results allow a website to be available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with no budget constraints when comparing this to Google Adwords, the investment into professional SEO services should be a no brainer.

If as a result of carrying out SEO a website achieves 10,000 new visitors in a week or month and then 10% to 30% of the visitors purchase a product or service then the financial return on investment will be high and if you compare this a publication in a magazine, booking an exhibition stand or using digital outdoor media which have little to no tangible ways of tracking a return on investment, SEO should not be looked at as a cost you do not want to pay, it should be a cost you need to look at how much can afford to spend and then can I spend more, obviously with the correct SEO agency.

Choosing an SEO Company Agency

Selecting an SEO Company or Agency to carry out services can be difficult and if you do not understand what it is that is being done and why then you need to educate yourself. You will find the more you understand the better questions that you can ask and identify the sharks. Do not trust organisations that do not rank organically themselves, the SEO industry should be the hardest to achieve success and if a company can achieve results for their own website then can achieve results for your business.

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seo service

SEO Search Terms

SEO keywords should be the most competitive keywords to achieve when carrying out search engine optimisation. Here is a list of keywords related to SEO showing search volumes:-

Keyword Volume Results SERP Features
seo 33100 771000000 Knowledge Panel, Top Stories, Reviews, Featured Snippet
brighton seo 3600 10200000 Top Stories, Images, Site Links, Reviews, Tweet
majestic seo 3600 7180000 Top Stories, Site Links, Reviews, Video
seo agency london 3600 18100000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo services 3600 597000000 Knowledge Panel, Local Pack, Reviews, Featured Snippet
what is seo 3600 760000000 Instant Answer, Knowledge Panel, Top Stories, Reviews
seo agency 2900 204000000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo checker 2900 15100000 Top Stories, Reviews
seo company 2900 506000000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo london 2900 88300000 Local Pack, Top Stories, Images, Site Links, Reviews
seo services london 2900 47400000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo meaning 2400 78500000 Instant Answer, Knowledge Panel, Top Stories, Reviews
seo tools 2400 266000000 Top Stories, Reviews, Featured Snippet
seo in guk 1900 5910000 Knowledge Panel, Top Stories, Reviews
seo kang joon 1900 10900000 Knowledge Panel, Top Stories, Reviews, Video
seo manchester 1900 23100000 Local Pack, Reviews
yoast seo 1900 8940000 Top Stories, Reviews
google seo 1600 784000000 Top Stories, Reviews
seo consultant 1600 75600000 Reviews
seo definition 1600 252000000 Instant Answer, Knowledge Panel, Reviews
seo analysis 1300 0
seo audit 1300 41700000 Top Stories, Reviews
seo birmingham 1300 11500000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo company london 1300 44800000 Local Pack, Reviews, Featured Snippet
seo hero 1300 54500000 Top Stories, Images, Reviews
seo uk 1300 154000000 Reviews
seo agency uk 1000 38600000 Reviews, Featured Snippet
seo analyzer 1000 12800000 Top Stories, Reviews
seo company uk 1000 87300000 Reviews, Featured Snippet
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seo course 1000 135000000 Reviews
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seo marketing 1000 477000000 Knowledge Panel, Local Pack, Reviews, Featured Snippet
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seo report 1000 261000000 Top Stories, Reviews
seo website 1000 752000000 Reviews
wordpress seo 1000 229000000 Top Stories, Reviews
local seo 880 297000000 Local Pack, Top Stories, Reviews
london seo 880 89100000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo bristol 880 9180000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo glasgow 880 8320000 Local Pack, Top Stories, Images, Reviews
seo leeds 880 7780000 Local Pack, Reviews
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seo freelancer 590 21600000 Top Stories, Reviews, Video


SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of improving a website to make it easier to understand when search engine spiders crawl the site. If the search engine can understand the content it will be included in the SERP results.