SEO Search Terms

SEO keywords should be the most competitive keywords to achieve when carrying out search engine optimisation. Here is a list of keywords related to SEO showing search volumes:-

Keyword Volume Results SERP Features
seo 33100 771000000 Knowledge Panel, Top Stories, Reviews, Featured Snippet
brighton seo 3600 10200000 Top Stories, Images, Site Links, Reviews, Tweet
majestic seo 3600 7180000 Top Stories, Site Links, Reviews, Video
seo agency london 3600 18100000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo services 3600 597000000 Knowledge Panel, Local Pack, Reviews, Featured Snippet
what is seo 3600 760000000 Instant Answer, Knowledge Panel, Top Stories, Reviews
seo agency 2900 204000000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo checker 2900 15100000 Top Stories, Reviews
seo company 2900 506000000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo london 2900 88300000 Local Pack, Top Stories, Images, Site Links, Reviews
seo services london 2900 47400000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo meaning 2400 78500000 Instant Answer, Knowledge Panel, Top Stories, Reviews
seo tools 2400 266000000 Top Stories, Reviews, Featured Snippet
seo in guk 1900 5910000 Knowledge Panel, Top Stories, Reviews
seo kang joon 1900 10900000 Knowledge Panel, Top Stories, Reviews, Video
seo manchester 1900 23100000 Local Pack, Reviews
yoast seo 1900 8940000 Top Stories, Reviews
google seo 1600 784000000 Top Stories, Reviews
seo consultant 1600 75600000 Reviews
seo definition 1600 252000000 Instant Answer, Knowledge Panel, Reviews
seo analysis 1300 0
seo audit 1300 41700000 Top Stories, Reviews
seo birmingham 1300 11500000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo company london 1300 44800000 Local Pack, Reviews, Featured Snippet
seo hero 1300 54500000 Top Stories, Images, Reviews
seo uk 1300 154000000 Reviews
seo agency uk 1000 38600000 Reviews, Featured Snippet
seo analyzer 1000 12800000 Top Stories, Reviews
seo company uk 1000 87300000 Reviews, Featured Snippet
seo consultant london 1000 10400000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo course 1000 135000000 Reviews
seo expert 1000 97900000 Local Pack, Top Stories, Images, Reviews
seo liverpool 1000 14900000 Local Pack, Top Stories, Images, Reviews
seo marketing 1000 477000000 Knowledge Panel, Local Pack, Reviews, Featured Snippet
seo news 1000 516000000 Top Stories
seo report 1000 261000000 Top Stories, Reviews
seo website 1000 752000000 Reviews
wordpress seo 1000 229000000 Top Stories, Reviews
local seo 880 297000000 Local Pack, Top Stories, Reviews
london seo 880 89100000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo bristol 880 9180000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo glasgow 880 8320000 Local Pack, Top Stories, Images, Reviews
seo leeds 880 7780000 Local Pack, Reviews
seo michael kodi 880 569000 Top Stories, Site Links, Video
seo specialist 880 66900000 Top Stories
free seo audit 720 21100000 Top Stories, Reviews
free seo tools 720 210000000 Top Stories, Reviews
seo blog 720 581000000
seo cardiff 720 5870000 Local Pack, Top Stories, Images, Reviews
seo keywords 720 154000000 Top Stories, Reviews, Featured Snippet
seo packages 720 57400000 Images, Reviews
seo services uk 720 102000000 Reviews, Featured Snippet
seo test 720 272000000 Top Stories, Reviews
seo training 720 188000000 Local Pack, Top Stories, Reviews
website seo checker 720 8130000 Reviews, Video
what does seo stand for 720 45600000 Instant Answer, Top Stories, Reviews
free seo checker 590 9240000 Reviews
london seo consultant 590 0
seo check 590 309000000 Reviews
seo essex 590 6000000 Knowledge Panel, Top Stories, Reviews
seo expert london 590 20200000 Local Pack, Top Stories, Reviews
seo freelancer 590 21600000 Top Stories, Reviews, Video


SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of improving a website to make it easier to understand when search engine spiders crawl the site. If the search engine can understand the content it will be included in the SERP results.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

SEO professionals are asked ‘How much does SEO cost?’ everyday and everyday have to give the same answer of ‘it depends’. The process of SEO is not an exact science so setting prices is an impossibility without first completing research into the website and sector that the customer is enquiring about.

When a customer goes into a shop and buys a new DVD there is a set price tag on it as every copy of that DVD will be exactly the same. However, SEO cannot work like this as every website is different and has many outside factors and influences which will have an impact on the level of SEO needed to make it a success.

The internal factors of the optimisation of a website include adding quality content, ensuring that the meta data is updated and relevant to each page and headers are appropriate. Whilst the basic principles are the same, the execution can be very different. For example, updating and making relevant the meta data for a website with 15 pages will take a lot less time than a site with 50 pages; the service is the same, but the time taken to complete the task is different therefore the SEO cost for the 50 page site will be bigger than for the 15 page one.

External factors pay a large role in the cost of SEO as they determine the amount of research needed into the sector and how difficult it will be to gain a place on Google page one. For example, a client has a website selling car insurance who wants to be on page one for the term ‘car insurance’. This is a very competitive term as there are many websites in the industry all optimising for the same key words; therefore, this will take a lot of optimising, link building and time to see an improvement in ranking. In contrast to this, a company in a niche or specialised market will have a lot less competition for keywords and so it will be easier to rank for preferred keywords. This is also the same for companies who wish to focus on localised searches e.g. Chelsea hairdresser rather than London hairdresser as less people will be fighting for that keyword.

Ultimately then, asking ‘How much does SEO cost?’ is like asking ‘How long is a piece of string?’, it depends. A price should be individual to the client and campaign, taking into account all outside factors and a realistic time frame in which results are expected.

SEO in London

London, the capital city of England and centre for business and commerce, is the pinnacle of business locations throughout the UK. The desirability of the city means that there is lots of competition for business premises, as well as very competitive market sectors.

London SEO Company

London SEO Company

How does SEO fit into this for a London Business?

The world of SEO is a large part of any successful business as it aids the web-based parts of companies to succeed. Companies who are based in London will more than likely want to appear for London geographical search terms e.g. hairdressers central London, hairdressers in Westminster etc. Due to the competitive nature of these search terms, it is imperative that you choose a London SEO company with proven results in London SEO; this ensures that they have the skills and abilities to complete the task.

Many SEO companies have chosen to base themselves in London as it is the centre of commerce; this however is not necessary in order to carry out successful SEO in London. This is because a company’s website can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection, therefore the webmaster does not physically have to be in London to complete the task of SEO.

It is also worth noting that often London-based companies charge a higher fee for their services as the cost of renting offices and living is higher in the city, therefore they need to generate higher revenue to maintain profit margins. It is however beneficial to work with a company that has some knowledge and understanding of the area in which you are marketing your products and services too.

London SEO Company

In short then, there is a happy medium when it comes to SEO in London. Look for a successful SEO company who has their main offices outside of London, but also have some subsidiary offices within the City. This means that your website will benefit from the local knowledge present in the London offices, but also from a pricing structure tailored outside of the capital.

Chameleon Web Services are a Birmingham-based SEO company with offices in and clients in London. We can provide a much more cost effecitve SEO package due to our overheads being much lower than if ouw main buisness was in the Centre of London inside the M25.

To speak to us regarding moving your website forward for London based search terms ask speak to a Chameleon Search Engine Optimisation Consultant about your needs by calling us on 0203 397 4288 or complete our contact form online and we will answer your questions and schedule a call as required.

If you wanted to check out your website yourself now you can use our FREE SEO tools.