Organic SEO Company

Here at Chameleon we are an organic SEO company and know that following this practice is the best way to become successful online. You may be wondering exactly what it is that we do which makes us organic and ethical in our SEO practices; keep reading and you will find out more about our organic SEO services.

Organic SEO Keyword Research and Analysis

Before any changes are made to your website, we thoroughly research your sector and analyse relevant keywords. This involves looking at what keywords are working for high-ranking competitors and delving into their SEO campaign to see what is working for them. This enables us to target only keywords which will be of value and therefore not waste your money on little-searched or irrelevant keywords.

Our team will pick through your sector and industry with a fine tooth comb to pinpoint the keywords that your website should be optimised for to bring organic traffic and then make the required on and off-site changes.

On-Page Organic SEO

The changes that Google made in 2012 has put more emphasis that ever on the need for quality relevant content on your website. Ultimately, on-page organic SEO simply requires you to write your web pages with a human user in mind, rather than a Google robot (spider) using quality content which is relevant to your industry and desired keywords. We offer a content writing service, as well as including content writing in our organic SEO packages.

We ensure that the content on your site pages is grammatically correct and relevant to the page heading which is vital for the success of off-page SEO practices.

Off-Page Organic SEO

To complement the on-page changes, we help build your organic link profile which acts as endorsements for the quality of your site. Our team creates links from websites relevant to your industry and keywords in an ethical manner which is very important in the eyes of Google. It is important that links are not created through link farms or unnatural methods as this cheapens the endorsement and can result in a Google penalty for unethical practices.

Inbound links are also created by our article writers who write and submit articles to a number of websites, each one having a link back to your site which adds value. Having an organic SEO link profile is imperative is you want to be successful online.

Organic SEO means that your website has to be transparent in terms of having good links and relevant content if it has a hope of achieving a place on Google page one. Our team of SEO experts are skilled in the art of organic SEO and always follow Google guidelines and best practices; perhaps this is why our clients always experience success in their SEO campaigns. Organic SEO certainly is the way to ‘make it’ in the world of online marketing, there is simply no room for unethical black hat techniques anymore as they are being picked up quicker and easier by advanced Google algorithms resulting in some websites being banned from Google altogether.

If you are looking for an Organic SEO company, then get in contact with us today and begin your success online.