Search Engines Promotion

Having a website that looks great and functions well with everything your target audience needs to find is step one to your online success.

The next step is search engine promotion which involves carrying out on-page changes to make the website 100% friendly to search engines and this means making it Google friendly.

An SEO Company like Chameleon will look over the website using software and manual checks from experience and also check the competitors actions in the sector. Then carry out carefully planned improvements to enhance the website for search engines.

Visually 99% of the time things do not change, it is coding changes and additions that required for the likes of Google to better understand the website.

This will result in the website being promoted within the search results because the website is now relevant to specific keywords.

For example Google “Birmingham SEO Company” and look for Chameleon. Our website appears number one in the organic search results because we are most relevant for the search within Birmingham.

To find out more and understand how to promote your website give Chameleon a call on 0121 663 0456 today.


Google Goggles & Voice Search

Google are always working hard to find ways of making cool and exciting things that we can use and people often take for granted that the amazing products and services that Google provide are normally FREE.

Google have been working hard in the background with Google Voice Search and this is now fully functional and being advertised by Google in the mainstream advertising space.

Google Voice Search Functions Example

“Ok Google” voice search which kicks Google into action when using the Google app or Chrome allows you to ask questions and get answers making search simple. For example “OK Google, Where is Chameleon Web Services?” which will then allow opening times and directions.

“OK Google, Is Chameleon Web Services Open?” which will let you know the business hours on that day.

Google Voice Search

You can also create reminders for example “Ok Google, remind me to call Chameleon Web Services Tomorrow” and this will set a reminder for tomorrow.

If you have not tried Google Voice Search it is simply amazing in our view and very useful especially if driving as you can be sat in traffic and ask a question without typing on the keypad.

Some example Google Voice Search commands using “Ok Google”:-

  • Where is the nearest [sushi restaurant]
  • Navigate to [Chameleon Web Services]
  • Directions to [Chameleon Web Services]
  • Directions home
  • “Post to Google+ [Chameleon Is The Best SEO Company]”
  • “Remind me to [buy milk] at [6 PM]”
  • “Remind me [tomorrow] to [send and email to Chameleon]”
  • “Set alarm for [8 PM]”
  • “Call [Chameleon Web Services]”
  • “Call [mum / dad / wife / uncle / aunt …]”
  • “Is it going to rain [tomorrow / Monday]”

You can have some fun with this, try things like:-

  • “Ok Google, Flip a coin”
  • “Ok Google, Roll dice”
  • “Ok Google, Do a barrel roll”

Google Goggles

Google have also created Google Goggles and this enables photos to provide search results. For example if you open the APP and photograph a Coffee Cup Jar it will carryout analysis of the photo and can pull of the wording and then search in Google for the most relevant results to what the photo was.

What is Google Goggles Used for?

Google Goggles is an APP that creates a smart phone to become an image recognition device and then passes the data discovered into a Google search result. The Google Goggles mobile application was developed by Google for searches based on pictures taken by the smart phone to provide quick access to information such as a famous landmark searches for information about it, or taking a picture of a product’s barcode searches for information on the product.

When using Google Goggles it is recommended to take photos Horizontal as they work better than vertical photos. Once the photo is taken then basically if Google can recognise the image in the photo taken it will pass the user search results to inform the user about the photo.

Google Goggles on Android

To use Google Goggles on an Android device is simple. Go to the Play Store and search Google Goggles.

Google Goggles Android Installation

Google Goggles Android Install

Google Goggles Android Search Results

Once installed open the APP and simply take a photograph of what you are looking to find information about and Google will do the rest. In the example of Google Goggles above we photographed a coffee jar to see what Google found.

Google Goggles ipad & iphone

If you are ipad or iphone user then you can use Google Search Image in a different way to Android user.

Firstly you will go to the Safari web browser. Once open you need to type “” on the address bar and tap Enter key. This will open on Safari for iOS. When you have the website loaded you need to select the additional options by pulling down from the address bar.

You must “Request Desktop Site” from the menu and then the Safari desktop version will be loaded. Now select the Images tab on the top right corner which will open the Google Image Search and this will then allow you to use Camera icon on the search bar which enable the Search by Image functions.

If you want to search using an image URL, just paste the link in the Paste Image URL tab and tap on Search by image button and then go to the Upload an Image tab and select Choose File button. You can now select to take a photo using the camera or use an existing photo in the Library.

There is an APP available like Google Goggles called CamFind which provides a Visual Search, QR Reader, Price Comparison & Barcode Scanner located here:-

When did Google Glass come out?

Google launched in April 2013 Google Glass and the first launch was with the Explorer Edition. This was made available to Google I/O developers only in the United States at cost of around $1,500.

Google actually began testing Google Glass in April 2012. Back in April 2012 at the Foundation Fighting Blindness event in San Francisco Google’s Sergey Brin wore a prototype of the Glass to demonstrate what was coming.

What is the use of Google Glass?

So what is Google Glass?, it is a wearable computer that contains an optical head-mounted display. This functions as a heads-up display and provides voice activation control to allow users to see and interact with information in a hands-free operation.


Google Goggles Ipad & iphone

Google Goggles PC Download

These Were The Top 10 Most Popular Searches On Google In October 2015

These Were The Top 10 Most Popular Searches On Google In October 2015

Rugby World Cup 2015

1st = Rugby World Cup 2015

Rugby World Cup Interest over time

Rugby World Cup Regional interest

Rugby World Cup Related searches

Saoirse Ronan

2nd = Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan Interested Over Time

Regional Interest in Saoirse Ronan

Related Searches

Rachel Weisz

3rd = Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz Interested Over Time

Regional Interest in Rachel Weisz

Related Searches

Sky Sports Fantasy Football

4th = Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football Interested Over Time

Regional Interest in Fantasy Football

Related Searches

5th = TFI Friday

TFI Friday Interested Over Time

Regional Interest in Fantasy Football

Related Searches

6th = Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell Interested Over Time

Regional Interest in Colin Farrell

Related Searches

7th = Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig Interested Over Time

Regional Interest in Daniel Craig

Related Searches

8th = Uber

Uber Interested Over Time

Regional Interest in Uber

Related Searches

9th = Warwick Davis

Warwick Davis Interested Over Time

Regional Interest in Warwick Davis

Related Searches

10th = Joe Cole

Joe Cole Interested Over Time

Regional Interest in Joe Cole

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What is “me nofollow”?

This is a subject that we get asked and then have to answer so we are looking to answer this online.

What is a no follow link? rel=”nofollow”

A no follow link which is added to your website using rel="nofollow" to a hyperlink will indicate to Google that the destination of that hyperlink should not be given power from the original website.

What is a me nofollow link? rel=”me nofollow”

This is basically the same as the nofollow but adds to Google the fact that this is actually your profile for example on Twitter.

Used by adding rel="me nofollow".

It is important to understand where you can use the nofollow to keep your website safe and trusted by Google. In the video below Matt Cutts explains it clearly.