Online Reputation Management for Monster Energy Drinks

Monster EnergySEO can be used for online reputation management and a perfect example here is the problem in 2013 that Monster Energy drinks faced.

A brand can take some damage from the media but knowing how to deal with officially and correctly to help online in search engines is something that we get involved in as an SEO company.

Media Site are strong

The biggest problem a brand  faces when something goes wrong is the fact that media sites are strong and Google crawl them quickly updating the index and as a result the problem is soon in search engines. If when someone Google’s a brand name they see a predictive example with something bad it interesting and people will click on this.

Monster for example had this problem in 2013.



So the problem came as more people clicked on the “death” listing and this meant that it grew in popularity and Google recommended this more than the original listing due to user experience and click through rate (CTR).

monster energy drinks


When something like this happens it would best to build a webpage and rank this for the problem keyword. This page can explain the problems and suggest that the media is slightly wrong and have over exaggerated the truth.

This landing page is more relevant that any other page on the internet due to it being on the main domain of the problem companies website. This can be used to turn problems into growth in web traffic and even achieve more likes and shares increasing the link profile.

Using PR sites to spread articles about the problem but explaining the truth behind the problem titled something like “Monster Energy’s death explained”.

Once online reputation management is carried out the results speak for themselves and in the case for Monster Energy Drinks the results have a positive success:-

monster energy drink seo


Google has now in 2014 changed the recommended search listing phrases and this is a good sign that the work has been positive.

Note: We would like to point out that this information is provided as an example and we feel for the families of the people who have died as a result of problems relating to Energy Drinks. The information relating to the media exaggerating is also used as an example and we don’t have any information to suggest this is accurate.