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We are excited today as The Sign Wizards have fitted our main head office in Birmingham signage bringing the front of the building to life.

Chameleon Web Services Head Office

Chameleon Web Services Head Office

Search Statistics and Bing Ads

We often get asked questions about  Bing ads being worth testing, and if to use Bing at all.

We thought we would take a random SEO client and look at the statistics. It is clear that Google dominates in this instance with:-

search statistics 2017

With the data we have it is clear that Googles organic traffic is over 50% of all traffic in this short period. Also Google PPC, with a small budget, is approximately 20% making Google the reason that 70% of this clients visitors land on the website.

Interestingly, Facebook is also key here with Mobile Facebook making up nearly 4% and Desktop Facebook 0.5%, which is more than double that of Bing traffic.

This example shows a client who ranks high in Google, and also high in Bing, making this a like for like comparison. However the client doesn’t use Bing ads.

According to NetMarketShare.com the desktop search engine market share is as follows:-

search engine market share statistics 2017

According to NetMarketShare.com the mobile search engine market share is as follows:-

search engine mobile market share statistics 2017

With search engine market share you have to also consider the browser because this will have an impact. If many new PC’s for example are coming out of the box with Microsoft Edge / Internet Explorer and then Bing.browser statistics 2007 to 2017

browser statistics IE 2007 to 2017

Should You Use Bing Ads

In the example here the client does not use Bing Ads and this is means there is a potential that extra traffic can be achieved if they were to use the Bing ads service:-should we use bing ads

With Bing Ads a lot companies are using them and it is very similar to how Google used to be many years ago with adverts positioned above the organic listing and to the right hand side of the listing.

A Bing search for “Birmingham SEO Services”:-

bing ads

Another example a Bing search for “Birmingham SEO Company”:-

Birmingham SEO Company

This is what Google also did for example in 2013:-

Now Google do not have ads on the right hand side and this has been a change they made and have stayed with for a number of years now.

google search

With any form of online advertising, using a professional company to carry out the process will save money for example:-

As a marketing agency, we have to use both Google AdWords and Bing Ads for our clients, as required. Costs with Bing Ads are a lot less due to less high level competition it seems and from our own findings the behaviour of Bing users is also different to that of the Google users which suggests a couple of things:-

  • Bing users are using the search engine due to a new PC or device and do not know how to change to Google – if this is the case the chances are very high that this type of user will also click on the top listed advert unaware and this will also have a potential that this type of user will be easy to convert.
  • Bing users are using the search engine due to a new PC or device and do not care about Google – if this is the case the chances are very high again that this type of user will also click on the top listed advert unaware and this will also have a potential that this type of user will be easy to convert.
  • Bing users are using the search engine due to not being a fan of Google.

This means that despite having a very small search engine market share compared to that of Google, it is worth testing what Bing Ads can achieve.

It is worth noting that you can import from Google Adwords into Bing:-

bing ads import

If you want to test Bing Ads and would like Chameleon to help call 0121 663 0456.

Breslins Group Thanks Chameleon on Twitter

One of clients Breslins Group the Business & Tax Advisers, Chartered Accountants in Birmingham, Coventry and Solihull has seen great business growth since working with us and have used Twitter to thank us for our services.

Breslins business tax advisers

The tweet comes following the success we have achieved for the company:-

2016 has been an amazing year for Chameleon

With the end of 2016 it is time to reflect on the past year and we have had such a great year. We are very lucky to be involved in so many amazing experiences at different parts of the year.

We have optimised companies websites and grown businesses over 300% and one company at a time we have started to put the trust back into the SEO – Search Engine Optimisation Industry.

We have managed to achieve positions 1, 2 and 3 for some of the most competitive search terms for our clients and our own website.

birmingham web services

We have recovered websites that have been trashed by our SEO competitors and grown them back to page one rankings and even top positions.

We have upgraded our meeting room facility to accommodate larger meetings and to aid in our work with celebrities.

We have built some amazing websites and even been nominated for awards:-

Our web development work this year includes the Ice Skate Birmingham website, including the ticket booking system and ticket management to the website for the West Bromwich Albion Football Club Hospitality and full stadium virtual tour:-

Our work also includes working with Aston Villa Football Club and Birmingham City Football Club. The work we carried out with the Villa went live and is the largest 360 virtual tour in Googles system globally:-

The tour is used on the website to show everything from hospitality bookings to seat bookings.

Our work with Ice Skate Birmingham has been a huge success with this year being the best ever in terms of visitors.

We captured a time lapse of part of the build and visitors:-

The visitors this year included Good Morning Television. We were able to arrange them to film the weather from the Ice Rink and Big wheel and met the lovely Laura Tobin.

We were able to produce a 360 tour during the show and this went live on the Facebook page for Good Morning Television.

Also this year the ITV news showed the Big Wheel and Ice Skating on the Green Screen behind the news reporters daily.

We were nominated for another award, invited to the Emirates Stadium for the Best / Most Innovative use of Technology by a Club by the Football Business Awards of 2016.

We were also involved in the Dream Toys 2016 event capturing the setup in a 360 Virtual Tour for the production company.

dream toys 2016

We have also captured some wonderful business locations this year including:-

We have been advertising on the bus’s as we started a new partnership with the media company involved in running advertising on the bus’s and trains.

bus adverts

There have been so many wonderful things we have been working on this year it is hard to capture it all. We have had a great time and enjoyed working with so many amazing people from so many varied companies.

2017 is going to be as amazing as we have already got a lot of things planned ready and our existing clients have benefited so much from our work they have already asked us to prepare things for 2017.

We welcome new challenges and hope that everyone has a great year ahead.

Motivational Video for 2017:-

Adwords Management Problems

We often get asked to review Google Adwords for companies of all sizes and when we start the research we identify issues that are common. There are many companies providing Adwords management services and suggested they understand how to achieve goals.

When Chameleon starts to work on an Adwords campaign we first have to understand the business and then find the negative keywords related to this industry, product or service.

For example working with a company providing Allow Wheels Repairs we need to find keywords that people using Google might use that can trigger an advert which will lead to a negative clicks.

Below is an example of search terms that would not appear if the keyword “free” was added to the negative keyword list:-

adwords management

This Google search result is perfectly fine if you are top of Google in the organic listings and the company’s Chipsaway and Revive will get clicks here which have no click costing making this add value to them.

However if you were paying for Google Adwords here this is wrong, there is no clear indication what the end goal of the person searching is. If the person searching was looking for Alloy Wheel Repairs then it should come at a cost so using the keyword “free” makes this a keyword that is likely to result in no sales lead. The daily Adwords budget could run out due to these clicks so it is recommended to focus on keywords that will add value to your business.

Google Adwords spend should be targeted and carefully planned. We have taken on advertising campaigns with budgets of £1,000 per day that were hitting this on a frequent basis. Following our research and then tweaks we was able to achieve on average a 70% saving and at the same time  increase the quality of the leads which has seen returns as high  160% improvement on ROI.

We have become in the Industry the Google Adwords Hero’s…