UK based Company Success – Innocent

Three Cambridge graduates back in 1998 had an idea of a money making business selling smoothies. They tested the water at the London music festival buying five hundred pounds worth of fruit and using this fruit created smoothies and sold them all over the weekend of the festival. As a gimmick and bit of fun they asked customers who purchased the smoothies to put their empty smoothie bottle in a yes bin or a no bin with the aim to see if they thought should give up their current jobs. The yes bin was full and they resigned the next day. They setup the company under the name Innocent as they wanted the product to suggest that it was pure, fresh and unadulterated and the name has been well received. The Innocent company now sells two million smoothies a week to over 7,000 shops and has a turnover of £100 million and this success is thanks to the three Cambridge graduates trying to make something that seemed a good idea work.

How many of us have these ideas every day and never do anything about it. We have helped so many clients now live that dream with our website design skills, search engine optimisation skills and marketing know how.

Best London SEO Company

London the heart of the UK for business with large companies such as HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, BT, BP, Hilton Group, Scottish & Southern, Royal Dutch Shell to name a few give London a great area to operate a business from as London based companies tend to have large budgets and amazing projects to carry them out.

But in these hard times London based companies are turning to the second city looking for cost saving for Web Design and SEO and this is one reason that Chameleon being one of the leading UK based SEO companies based in Birmingham is carrying out more and more work for London companies. The best London SEO Company might be operating in Birmingham and with reduced rates due to not having London overheads means that companies are saving and gaining using one of the best Search Engine Optimisation Companies in the UK.

Chameleon has a proven track record for success with London clients and the SEO services that have been delivered for London business outlets can be seen as you search in and find business after business with the Chameleon stamp on it.

Contact Chameleon today if you are looking for the best London SEO company.

Business Success – Tyrells Potato Chips

One of the strangest success stories over the past few years for UK based companies is the story of William Chase. His farming failure made him success by creating some of the most amazing crisps that nation loves. William Chase bought his father’s farm in Herefordshire called Tyrells Court back in 1984 when he was only 20. The business followed the trend of most farms back in the 1990’s and he was soon declared bankrupt after struggling for a few years. The success came when William borrowed an old fryer from a local fish and chip shop to see if he could make crisps from his potatoes that were officially scrap 10 years later and in 2003 he invested £1.5m into the crisp making venture with no looking back. The theory was to offer customers crisps with no pesticides and fully traceable ingredients all natural from the UK and this won the hearts of the UK and today the annual turnover is over £10 million with upmarket shops selling 500,000 bags a week. William’s success might also be down to the flavours that he decided on such as cider vinegar and sea salt and the much loved Ludlow sausage with wholegrain mustard. William Chase has not had an easy run and fought a legal battle and won against Tesco’s when they tried to sell the crisps without permission and he won.

WordPress Fatal error: Allowed memory size of ********* bytes exhausted

If you have problems with WordPress and you get the error message WordPress Fatal error: Allowed memory size of ********* bytes exhausted then you have a few options.

1. If you have access to the PHP.ini file, change the line within the PHP.ini which controls the allocated memory 32M try 64M:
memory_limit = 128M ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (128MB)

2. If you do not have access to PHP.ini try adding to the .htaccess file:
php_value memory_limit 128M

3. Try adding this line to your wp-config.php file:
Increasing memory allocated to PHP
define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘128M’);

4. Talk to your hosting provider if you still have issues.

Best SEO company

What makes the best SEO company and how do you know who to trust, being an SEO company we are biased towards ourselves but so to make this article a non-biased article about SEO company trust and SEO achievements we thought we would put our 3rd party hat on.

An SEO company is working towards keywords that both you desire and keywords that the SEO company will recommend. If an SEO company offers only their keywords as why? Often SEO companies will look at the keywords with the lower competition and push clients to these so the SEO company can achieve them easily and then look good. But this does nothing for your sales figures. So a good SEO company is flexible on keywords.

SEO companies promising top position for any keyword is great, but in reality ask them why they are not top of Google for their keyword. Simply put it is not possible to be top of anything. There are so many factors that can effect this and the results that are achieved are only possible if the competition can be beaten. Sometimes the keyword is impossible or would cost far too much that the budget is in not going to allow it. So a good SEO company will give realistic goals from the outset and will be realistic.

We are a Birmingham based SEO Company so you would expect us to be on page one for the keywords “Birmingham seo company” and “SEO Company Birmingham”. But we are also based in the UK so keywords relating to this like “UK based SEO company” should also be achievable. A Good seo commpany should be able to achieve SEO results for their own website.

Costs of SEO can be very expensive so when looking for the best SEO company you should consider the budget you have. If an SEO companies quotes a figure without investigation walk away. Every keyword has different competition and every web site has different strengths and different competitors with different budgets. An SEO project cost should reflect the job being carried out.

We recommend if an SEO company can quote you a cost in a 10 minute conversation how they can justify this. We often take a day or so to finally deliver an achievable cost which will result in a return for the client. So the best SEO company should quote accurate and honestly for each project.

The current SEO results for clients in difficult demanding sector is important. A client that has got a website on page one of Google for a nothing term really means nothing. We have clients in major sectors in top positions and this says a lot about our SEO. Check the ranking of existing clients and see what they achieve as the best SEO company should achieve good rankings for clients.

So the best SEO company will have a proven track record for SEO success and be pricing the SEO costs correctly and then delivering project results as agreed. Simple really now look at Chameleon and see what you think.

Who is the best SEO Company in the UK? You decide!

How much does SEO Cost

If you have an online business at some point you will need SEO. SEO is Search Engine Optimisation and if you do not know what this is find out what SEO is all about.

When a company quotes an SEO project there are so many factors that will effect the price that it is impossible to give a fixed quotation. Why is this, well simply put every website is different and the keywords that the SEO project is also different.

When we quote for an SEO project we look at the website itself in terms of domain name age and backlinks, number of pages, how often the pages get cached by Google at that time, the number of pages already in Google, does the site have a blog, etc

We then look at the competition and pick to pieces the competitions website pretty much the same as we do do for the domain we are going to be working on.

If the difference between the site we are working on and the existing sites, the competition then it will take more effort and time to get the site at the same level and then some.

We look at so many factors that when we quote an SEO compaign it can take us a couple of days to finalise a price. But the good thing is that Chameleon will come back with a price that is going to work.

We also tell the truth upfront and be honest even if the client doesnt like what they are hearing. Sometimes things are not possible with the budgets given, and we always explain this and will not start a project and then under achieve.

SEO costs vary a lot depending on how many backlinks are required to catch up with the competition. Chameleon work on the theory thou that it is not all about numbers of links but quality and diversity. We invested a large amount of money into SEO satellite sites and these all hosted in varying registration names, hosting accounts and spread all over the world. Some of these website are used by leading SEO companies and our vision all those years ago has paid off for us.


SEO is very time consuming if carried out correctly and the costs can be high but you often need to invest to grow.

If you want to find out more information about what the costs are for your SEO project who not contact Chameleon.


How to setup or migrate your email to Google

Are you aware that Google operates a free MX mail exchange service that gives you the ability to map your domain to Google and use the Google infrastructure to host your email account. This means that if you move hosting you do not loose or have to setup your email accounts.

How to migrate email to Google mail

If you own a domain name and have hosting and want to use the email account with Google visit:-

Your mail for all intense and purposes will look the same and but using the Google mail system you taking advantage of Google’s up time, Google speed, Google Stability, Googles industry leading spam protection and full SSL support for both incoming and out going.

How to setup or migrate your email to Google

  • Login to Google using your Google account or create a free account at Google Apps:-
  • Verify your domain ownership with Google if you have not already done so using the method you prefer (we prefer the file upload).
  • Change the MX records to point to the Google mail servers.
  • Allow time for the DNS to populate.

Once you have this setup remember that you can use the Google apps such as can also have Google Chat, Google Calendar and Google Docs.


Search Engine Optimisation is the process of presenting your website to a search engine in a manner that will allow the search engine to easily read it and take away from it all the relevant keywords you want to rank for. A Search Engine Optimisation company will look at the searched terms and decide what keyword terms are going to bring the best customers.


An SEO Company will then follow specific criteria that the search engine requires and make the website appear attractive to the search engine for these terms. The rankings of website will then increase and with it traffic from customers and sales. A good SEO company will target not just the high traffic keywords but also the keywords that will convert and be able to ensure the website will convert for these keywords at the same time.

To explain this we can use the term “UK Based SEO Company” which is a great keyword an SEO Company based in the UK. A lot of companys are fed up of working with overseas business’s and want a local UK based company to work with so being top of Google for this keyword would bring lots of leads.

To be top of Google on page one for this term requires a lot of effort and careful calculation and this is where an SEO company will excel. But the problem is that this keyword is a fight against other SEO companies and SEO companies have the most powerful website online normally or atleast they should have.

If you search in Google for the keyword you will find Chameleon someone where on page one 🙂 which shows that we must understand are job!

If you require SEO you should consider many factors yourself before contacting an SEO Company. Think about keywords that the customer base will use and see who is currently in high ranking Google positions for these keyword terms. Then search for an SEO company and have a chat about the SEO project and let the SEO team come up with keywords and check what these keywords are like. Often SEO companies will go for easy keywords that can be achieved easily. But this is not in your favour it is to benefit the SEO company.

Something to consider thou is that some keywords are not possible until your site grows and it is only then that you can achieve high rankings for these keywords. Your website domain age pays a part in this so if you have an idea get the domain name from a company like Heart Internet and get a holding page up with the keywords on for Google to start taking data.

The SEO world can be a hard to trust industry as many people are operating SEO compaines without any knowledge and this gives the good SEO companies a bad name. Some of the larger SEO companies outsource the search engine optimisation services abroad and this removes the UK element even if they SEO company is based in the UK.

Chameleon is a Birmingham based company working with clients across the UK including London and if you search in Google “Birmingham SEO Company” you would hope to find Chameleon on page one of Google. Why not take a look and see if you can find Chameleon Web Services.

We are a growing business which invested a large amount of money into SEO back in 2008 / 2009 and now in 2011 we have many things in place now setting us up for 2012. We plan ahead and this is why as a small company we are able to deliver success over the large SEO firms. Chameleon’s saying “Big Enough to Cope, Yet Small Enough to Care!” takes us along way. The positive feedback we receive if mainly due to us being smaller than the large SEO company’s and this means we get personal and all our work is taken on seriously and with pride.

Chameleon is one of the best SEO companies in the UK and this mostly down to success in most business sectors with top 3 positions for our clients. We also do not give unrealistic statements saying that we can get you top of Google for any keyword as we can’t. No one can guarantee this at all. If a company offering SEO services does state this check out what they are top of Google for!

SEO Company

SEO Company Success

SEO Company

 The power of the internet is clear and everyone in some way or another is using the internet to benefit them. It maybe a home consumer selling items on Ebay or simply searching for a bargain online. Either way it is clear that being on the internet has huge advantages over in terms of making money or saving money.

This internet success thou comes with a price as everyone is trying to take the top 10 places in Google and there are millions of websites trying to be on page one. You will find lots of SEO company quotes stating we guarantee page one success or top position for your chosen keywords. But the truth is that is a war out there.

To be top of Google for a chosen keyword is difficult and a good SEO company will have to work hard to achieve success. But remember that whilst they are working hard to get the website in the top spot of Google so is another SEO company working to do the same for another website.

If you search in for “SEO Company” you will find on average about 59,800,000 results. which means being on page one of Google for this term the SEO company has worked very hard and / or spent a lot of money on backlinks.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Every website contains content that is either unique or copied from other sources. Search Engine Optimisation is the task of presenting a website to Google in a way that it will achieve good ranking and be useful to user to achieve on page success.

SEO requires mathematical skills, resources and a bit of luck. Google changes it algorithm frequently and if it was easy to work out everyone would be able to achieve page on results. Googles amazing algorithm has made Google the best search engine world wide and this is due to the quality of the results on page one. An SEO company trys to achieve results on page and this is a gamble.

Google Page One Success using an SEO Company

If you use an SEO company to achieve Google Page One Success then you are going to be have to understand the work that the SEO consultants do is not going to work over night. Often it takes 6 months to start achieving high ranking results and this is what makes it hard for Search Engine Optimisation companies to get a good name as they are working in the dark it would seem and there is huge amount of trust required to wait for results. A Good SEO company will not promise the earth and if they do offer number one spot for the hardest terms we would start asking questions.

Chameleon is one of the UKs leading SEO Company’s and we have achieved success for every client but sometimes it is hard and clients have to trust us with his waiting game. Chameleon invested a huge amount of money into SEO 3 years ago creating an SEO infrastructure of website that are growing ready for the SEO links to be added in the coming months. This puts Chameleon firmly on the map and you only have to search terms like Birmingham SEO Company or UK based SEO Company to see why Chameleon is leading the way in the SEO field.

Moving WordPress Blog Hardcoding to a New URL

If you are moving the site to a new URL the WordPress database will not be changing so all you want to do is to move the entire WP directory to the new folder on the same server or new server on the same hosting.

Simply edit the wp-config.php file:-



Note: When you do this the new server url will shown grayed out in the WordPress Admin backend and you can not edit it anymore.