Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the by far the best advertising online and we are not on commission.

If you plan the perfect Google Adwords Campaign you will drive traffic to your site immediately like turning a tap on.  The problem is you are paying for the traffic and sales that follow. But if you have a new website there are many things you can learn from this adveritsing. It is hard to know what keywords convert sales. You may be chasing the wrong keywords and using Google Analytics and PPC advertising you can determine what keywords are generating sales.

This may seem an expensive way to find what keywords to use. This is when Chameleon come in with help by reducing costs of pay per click payments for your chosen keywords. If google likes your keywords and thinks they are relevant they will charge you less if configured correctly.

One of the biggest problems with paying for traffic is the window shoppers. If you can remove these it saves costs to you and this is something that Chameleon work to remove. Imagine your site sell fake watches. You will not want traffic for people looking for geniune watches. So you have to introduce negative keywords. In this example it may be “authetic” or “geniune”.

How do the negative keywords help?, well if someone searches for the chosen keyword and your chosen negative keyword then no advert is shown. So used correctly remove unwanted clicks, saving your daily budget and bringing true customers to your site.

How to choose keywords.

Google provide a free keyword tool:-

This tool is used to help identify new keywords and generate keyword ideas.

How do I set or edit my position preferences?

Google Adwords position preference can be carried out in 2 easy steps. Firstly you must enable the setting to use position preference for a the campaign. Then you must set your preferred preferences for individual keywords within that campaign for positions from 1 to 10.

Enable position preferences for a campaign by going to:

  • Goto and sign in to your Google AdWords account
  • Select the campaign you wish to edit on the “All Online Campaigns” page.
  • Select the “Settings” tab form the menu.
  • Under the option “Bidding and budget,” turn on position preference.
  • Click Save.

Set positioning for your keywords:

  • Goto to the “Keywords” tab.
  • Look for the column labeled Position preference.
  • To set position preferences for a keyword, click the “Position preference” column in that keyword’s row. Use the pull-down menus to choose the range you want for each keyword, from 1 to 10+.
  • Click Save.

To disable position preference you can click one button:

  1. Goto the campaign you wish to disable potion preferences and on the “All Online Campaigns” page.
  2. Select the “Settings” tab from the menu.
  3. Under “Bidding and budget,” turn off position preference.
  4. Click Save.

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