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To be on the first page for the signwriter term in Quniton, Birmingham is easy for when you know how. A website that no one can see is pointless and Chameleon Web Services can bring it to life for you as this is our bread and butter.

So if you are a Birmingham based signwriter and you need Chameleons help get in touch and your online presence will change and new work will be coming in the door.

Quniton Signwriter

Best UK Based SEO Company

We often consider that would make the best uk based company if there was a real award for this that was unbiased.

We believe results and customer experience is a good starting point. Chameleon is a small company when compared to some of the larger SEO companies, yet our results are equal to if not better than most SEO companies.

Due to the size of the business we are big enough to cope yet small enough to care so our customer satisfaction is always excellent.

To be the best UK based SEO company we believe that you need to look at the overall company image. We are Birmingham based operating for UK clients who may have a business in London or Manchester. But you will always be dealing with a UK representative.

We are not an SEO Company that has a registered address in the UK but based abroad to keep the costs down.

CSA Cases

To become a GP you need to pass a lot of very difficult exams, no more difficult than the CSA Exam.

We have been working with a group of leading doctors behind CSA cases to build a website aimed at helping doctor graduates to revise and pass the Clinical skills Assessment exam.

The CSA cases are well documented case structures to help you understand the requirements to pass the CSA Exam.

If you are looking for CSA online revision then simply visit

Keeping up with Google in 2011

Keeping up with Goolge in 2011 is becoming harder from an SEO point of view, or maybe not.

Google’s refocus on low quality and shallow content sites in 2011 called Panda, was not Google being annoying but more a change to remove many black hat SEO techniques. Combined with the launch of +1, Google is clearly looking at that relevant content and looking deeper into sites content more than ever with the robot going deeper and and deeper. So if you want to rank well then you need to make the content the best it can be for the terms you are after.

We can write what we want but Matt Cutts from Google says:

“Make your pages primarily for your users. Don’t display to users something different to what you display to search engines (cloaking) and ask yourself, does this really help my users? Would it still be helpful if search engines didn’t exist? Avoid tricks and be upfront in dealing with your users”.

So reading into this it is clear that Matt Cutts is explaining that Google is basically saying to look at the quality of your website content. This change is combined to find black hat SEO techniques and make them less effective. The aim being to check that what people search for is what they get and what matters now is having a good content laid out for a user not a robot and telling people what they want to read about it not what a robot needs. This will make the people want to visit the web site. One they want to share with friends using social networks, building natural links and creating your pages to be spoken about.

The Panda update eliminated most black hat SEO techniques which now means to carry out SEO there is a new challenge. To turn a mediocre website with medium content into valuable content for the user searching to find and enjoy.

Some Chameleon SEO Tips to help with Panda update to help you along the way:-

  • Your website should be well writen with interesting appealing content.
  • Unique content not copied and pasted from another website. This will in return attracts links
  • Think about your content from the audiences point of view and think does this really add value to a reader.
  • Explain what it is that influenced you do to do things to make the content interesting. This will increase the content and will be unique.

The most important thing about taking the above advice is that there will be immediately an improved click through rate from search result in Google. Your website will be more focused and people will want to visit rather than be made to via a search term and click away. This will make the website naturally linkable and will be shared as people want to tell friends and others all about your website.

This will add value and bringing users back, again and again checking for updates. This means that your site will be more valuable to your audience than your competitors website and this will mean the time spent on the site will be greater and the bounce rate improved and Google will simply rank you higher.

When you think about what has been written here it all makes sense and now you may think that the Google Panda update was a really good idea and implemented well will actually improve Google search results and being on page one now means that you deserve it rather than you have more money than your competitor and can afford a better SEO company.

Reading this if you think this content is good and helped you, how long have you stayed on our website and what was you looking for when you landed here? Was this relevant and if think it was then you have backed up Google as Google has clearly said it is to show it to you in the first place.

Remember that if yout understand more SEO information you can visit the SEO page of the main site.

This information is provided for FREE thanks to the best UK based SEO Company.