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Wake Of Google Penguin June 1st 2012

One of our sources has revealed that Google plan to refresh the Penguin algorithm late Friday June 1st 2012. What effect will this have? Google’s not making it clear what the Friday’s update covers and how crucial it is. But as the original Penguin was aimed at “anti web-spammer” such as black-hat with effects where […]

How to design a website

Websites are required for anything that we do, buy or sell. They have become an integral part of what we do today. But still there are so many bad websites out there that simple have no thought behind them How to design a website The question “How to design a website” is not something that […]

How do you make a website

If you find yourself going to google and searching for “How do you make a website” then you need to ask a web design company for help. Chameleon can create what ever website you require and offer assistance all the way to get you started and completed. Take a look at the Chameleon Portfolio before […]

How can i create a website

If you find yourself asking “How can i create a website” then really you should be asking a web design company to help. There are various ways to create a website and there are so many variations of website available. We recommend for a beginner a WordPress website as these offer a simple content managed […]

Google seo impact for rel=”author” tag

We get asked frequently about the Google seo impact for rel=”author” tag. We have carried out split SEO testing to see what happens and to find out what Google are doing. Google are definitely using author tag in the ranking algorithm, and we think using it will add benefits. We will update the blog with more […]

Google Panda March 2012

Google panda update which was released via Twitter. Panda refresh rolling out now. Only ~1.6% of queries noticeably affected. Background on Panda: goo.gl/mTKCH Lets see how this effects SEO.  

Google Adwords keyword tool

The Google Adwords keyword tool is a great way to locate keywords that you would have not known about or even imagined to use for an SEO campaign or Adwords campaign. Try it for yourself:- https://adwords.google.com/o/Targeting/Explorer?__c=1000000000&__u=1000000000&ideaRequestType=KEYWORD_IDEAS

Web design and development services Europe

Web design and development services europe should be carried out by a leading UK based company such as Chameleon. Chameleon offer Web design and SEO development services to all of Europe and we are leading the way in SEO techniques. Get in touch today! https://www.chameleonwebservices.co.uk/contact.php

Internet marketing

If you are looking for Internet marketing then Chameleon can offer you the complete solution. Our Internet marketing experts will take a look at your current strategy and explain what to do and how to do it. Get in touch today. https://www.chameleonwebservices.co.uk/contact.php

Importance of social media network

The Importance of social media network can be seen when you look at the top companys growing everywhere in Google with active social media. Even the news now mention in the headlines, someone on twitter said this, etc. So get with the programme and stop thinking that there is no Importance of social media network. […]