Websites on the IPAD

Chamelon are always testing the functionality of website on all devices. The IPAD is the latest device that people are using to view websites so we ensure our websites function perfectly on the IPAD.

Professional Web Design

What makes a successful website for your business, a website that looks fresh and easy to use with out lots of flashing images. A professional web design company will be able to help you create the perfect website that will bring your business success.

You will need to take a look at the professional web design companies portfolio and look around to see if their sites appear in Google search results. Web design is important as the success of the website will be very dependant on the look and feel as a new customers first impressions will be the difference to whether they stay and on the website and purchase a product or service or leave to a competitors website.

Log Cabins Dover & Devon

A new popular fashion is log cabins and when looking for log cabins Dover and Devon you will find it hard not to find a company that company that can provide everything as one package.

You want to look for a company with a large selection of log cabins and you will find that normally the company will also provide sheds, summerhouses, timber garages, heavy duty sheds, playhouses and even dog runs.

Look at the products and pay attention to the quality of the workmanship as we have seen some summerhouses and garden buildings that simply are not up to scratch.

Do you want your website here? Get in touch with us today for Chameleon SEO services.

Cannot open Add/Remove Programs in Windows

When you try to open the Add/Remove Programs utility in Microsoft Windows

To resolve this issue, use the Windows System File Checker tool (Sfc.exe) to clear the file cache and to replace protected system files with their correct versions. To do this, follow these steps: 1. Click Start, and then click Run.
2. In the Open box, type cmd, and then press ENTER.
3. In the Command window, type sfc /purgecache, and then press ENTER.
4. In the Command window, type sfc /scannow, and then press ENTER.

A Windows File Protection window appears, displaying the progress of the file system scan.
Note You may be prompted for your Windows 2000 CD-ROM. Insert the CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive or DVD-ROM drive, and then click Retry.

Another solution:-

If you click START and then type C:WindowsSystem32rundll32.exe’ (without quotes) and press enter, what happens?
If it says its missing, try this:

1. Download a copy of rundll32.exe from this location: rundll32.exe **

2. Extract the file on your desktop, right click it and select ‘copy’
3. Click START
4. Click ‘Computer’
5. Double click ‘Local Disk (C:)’
6. Double click ‘Windows’
7. Double click ‘System32’
8. Right click in any of the white space and select ‘Paste’
9. Restart your computer

Signwriter located Harborne, Birmingham

To be on the first page for the signwriter term in Harborne, Birmingham is easy for when you know how. A website that no one can see is pointless and Chameleon Web Services can bring it to life for you as this is our bread and butter.

So if you are a Birmingham based signwriter and you need Chameleons help get in touch and your online presence will change and new work will be coming in the door.

Harborne Signwriter

SEO Company in Birmingham

Chameleon Web Services is the leading SEO Company in Birmingham. We have many large and small clients that have success thanks to Chameleon. We have been providing SEO and marketing advice to clients from all sectors and we grown in size due to our strong word of mouth selling techniques.

Chameleon grows by the day, for every new client we obtain work from 3 more due to the excellent work and lowest prices in the UK. Contact Chameleon for a quotation based on your specific requirements of Search Engine Optimsation.

Best Birmingham Web Design Company

So you are a company based in Birmingham and you are looking for the best birmingham web design company. Chameleon have been providing web site to many small and large clients over the last few years and has achieved a great deal of success for all clients.

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Birmingham SEO Company

There are many Birmingham SEO company’s in the West Midlands which makes it hard to decide which company to use. We would recommend looking asking a company for a few example websites that they have been invovled with and check in Google the results they have achieved.

Chameleon Web Services has helped many customers from goign under in the hard times that we are in currently. This is due to Chameleons knowledge of SEO and the tools that Chameleon has available. We have built strong relationships with Backlink providers and hosting companys making Chameleon the only choice for a Birmingham SEO Company.

Build Your Own Website

Everyone is trying to save money and looking at build your own website instructions. This may save money but in the long run the build your own website will not be successful and in terms of time you are better having a proffesional web design company design, build and carry out SEO on your website.

Build your own website instructions are going to be watered down and the site that you end up with if you have basic IT skills may be ok visually to you but now to others and it maybe terrible in Google’s eyes.

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Retro Plating

Retro is a word that come up every day in our work with customers selling Retro Sweets to Retro Plating. It seeems retro is the new in thing.

The retro plating company based in Hockley has certainly impressed us with the portfolio of work.