Being Ready Is the Key- Halloween Sweets

Halloween Sweets

One of the biggest problems people face running an online business is being prepared. If you are an online shop selling products that are related to occassions you should start making all your efforts to be on page 1 of Google months in advance to be ahead of the competition, being ready is the key. Halloween sweets are sold by many online sweet shops and these sweet shops should be looking around July to get optimising ready for Halloween. All products should be loaded in the system, if they are not already and all changes to the site made sooner rather than later in order to give Google time to cache all the information and work out how the site ranks. If the competition are changing closer to the time and you have a perfect stable site ready in advance then Google will be liking your site more.

The sweet shop in Studley, Sweet Heaven for example has scary sweets and these sweets are changed to be Halloween sweets for Halloween. Sweet Heaven is always on page 1 of Google for most sweet related keywords and this is all due to the perfect planning by Sweet Heaven. Halloween sweets is a big seller and each year the UK seem to be following more and more like America and this is making the Halloween Sweet industry’s having to provide more and more sweets.

Golf Aid

Always looking at ways to improve my golf game I came across this site:

The setup and theory behind this looks great. It seems to good to be true. But I have ordered one and it arrived quickly and I was so excited I went straight to the driving range to setup and test. After a few minutes I was hitting balls straighter than ever.

I have had the Groovit golf aid for a couple of weeks now and my game has improved so much. I am getting to the green in 2 and 3 shots. Just need to get better at putting. 😉

Chameleon Web Design

Web Design Company Success

Websites that do well for sales and keep users happy are normally sites that are clean and fresh. Not sites that are full of graphics and moving images that take a long time to load and tend to put the user to sleep. At Chameleon Web Design we try to keep the user experience one of the most important aspects of web design. Clean pages, fresh bright vivid colours and easy to follow navigation systems.

The future is always changing and in the web world this is most certainly one of the biggest and hardest challenges of our work. Chameleon Web Design are specialists in looking at the target audience and making websites that will work today and tomorrow. We keep our coding clean and always use Google friendly processes to ensure the websites get a good start from handover. Some of our customers do not pay for SEO and the sites do very well. But this is all dependant on the customers products and competition.

Chameleon Web Design

Why did we call the company “Chameleon”? Well due to the fact you need to change to the surroundings to survive and always be ahead of predators the name fitted well. The Chameleon name is something that we have had not for many many years we have grown into a public limited company and become VAT registered. This is all stable growth fro ma company that has brought many clients success.

Sweet Success

A local Studley based old fashioned sweet shop that was accustomed to having school children buying small amounts of sweets on their way home has grown in to a sweet success. The sweet shop that struggled each year went online back in July 2009 and is now celebrating its online launch birthday with Champagne. Lots of hard work and many hours put in by the Sweet Heaven staff have turned what was a small sweet shop with 2 members of staff into a online business with more staff and now operating from a unit in Redditch. As sales increased the demand on staff became much harder and the staff at Sweet Heaven are proof that hard work can bring success even in these hard economic times. Sweet Heavens online business has over 1000 visitors each day and the customer base is constantly growing increasing sales by the day.

This success has not been all sweet, only 6 months ago owner Paul Parker was struggling with the financial problems most business’s have faced during these tough times, but thankfully the sweet shop has overcome all the problems and is now on the way to being the UK largest online sweet store.

Sweet Heaven

Credit Crunch Helps Online Stores

The credit crunch has caused many shopping retailers to close down. This helps the online shopping sites and the website that we have been involved with that are growing the strongest seems to be related around the fashion world.

The website sells online women’s fashion clothing and this site has grown with the credit crunch problems. It seems that more and more of the ladies in the world are looking for bargains and shopping online.

Women’s Fashion Online is growing very fast and the growth of Essence Fashion is something that we will be watching closely.