Online Marketing

If you have a business you will be aware that the future is online selling and advertising. It is the so important to ensure your online marketing strategy is chosen specifically to suit your target audience. Chameleon investigate how to achieve success with online marketing to ensure that every customer the most out of their business.

Marketing Success

Free Marketing Advice

  • Discounts for returning customers starts loyalty
  • Offer free gifts to customers who spend a lot of money
  • Run topical themes to match events and seasonal times
  • Run a competition
  • Get on You Tube
  • Give a guarantee
  • Setup a referral programme
  • don’t price things too low, people want a bargain but they no how much quality costs

Chameleon has helped many failing companies to pick up and thrive on success due to successful marketing solutions and marketing ideas. We have a proven track record and have many customers who would gladly give feedback.

We do not advertise ourselves due to the fact that we have grown from providing a successful relationship with our clients and we have found that word of mouth advertising is all we need. We are not a large company hence we could not cope with huge marketing jobs from thousands of companies. We try and provide a perfect working relationship working to deadlines to ensure all our clients are happy with our work. We do not offer unrealistic targets or non achievable goals. We offer a no hidden costs quality honest marketing service.

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