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Every Business will be successful or fail by it's sales. Your product or service might be unique and by far the best, but unless you market the product or service correctly creating the image that your product or services is the best then it is worth nothing. The better you carry out the marketing the more people will pay for your products or services.

Just look around you and think what you value something. A brand can and does dictate the price!

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Think of Apple, their products are priced to show quality and not priced to sell as a budget supplier. Everyone knows their products, and everyone knows they're expensive. Apple marketing is so good that they have now made it that professionals all think that an Apple computer is the business standard if you are involved in graphic design work. People will read that statement and say "it is", which proves the point. Using the correct graphic design software on a windows based PC you can achieve the same results. Again people will read this and state "you can not its not as good". The fact of the matter is that the marketing has been carried out so well that people, even professionals will not look for another solution even if there is a cheaper and possibly better solution available.

AppleApple maybe high in quality or problematic, but either way they have sold their brand name to us in a way that people just want one and no matter what the cost.

if you have read these statements and think we have no idea what we are talking about, then ask yourself a question "have you professionally tested an apple mac based product and compared it like for like to a pc based product to give an accurate assessment in an unbiased manner". If the answer is "NO" then why do you feel angry that we have suggested Apple might not be the best solution for graphical design work. We hope you understand the point we are making here!

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Marketing is an expensive game, and everyone's budget is different. The problem is, starting your business and giving the wrong impression can be very damaging long term.

Choose carefully how you brand your product and check out the competition before considering using the name for the branding. Branding a name and starting off is the hardest part of the business in our view.

The best advice we can give you is to shop around and not get sucked into a hard sell company, there staff will be specially chosen to get you!

Free Marketing Advice

  • Discounts for returning customers starts loyalty
  • Offer free gifts to customers who spend a lot of money
  • Run topical themes to match events and seasonal times
  • Run a competition
  • Get on You Tube
  • Give a guarantee
  • Setup a referral programme
  • don't price things too low, people want a bargain but they no how much quality costs

Chameleon has helped many failing companies to pick up and thrive on success due to successful marketing solutions and marketing ideas. We have a proven track record and have many customers who would gladly give feedback.

We do not advertise ourselves due to the fact that we have grown from providing a successful relationship with our clients and we have found that word of mouth advertising is all we need. We are not a large company hence we could not cope with huge marketing jobs from thousands of companies. We try and provide a perfect working relationship working to deadlines to ensure all our clients are happy with our work. We do not offer unrealistic targets or non achievable goals. We offer a no hidden costs quality honest marketing service.