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Affiliate Marketing is a growing business and it seems most of the websites you land on today will have some kind of Affiliate Marketing on it.

Affiliate operation as a merchant is not that simple but when you break it down it is.

A person lands on your website and see what they are looking for. You do not actually have what they are looking for but know where to buy it from so when they click to find out more information about the product they get redirected to another website and if a sale then takes place you recieved commission on the sale.

The commission rates vary but  you can be looking at 10% to 20% on average.

So if you are looking for Affiliate Marketing Help get in touch.

GB.COM Domains Pulled

Tonight all GB.COM domains have been pulled so if you have a GB.COM domain you need to check your registration details and ensure you still own the domain name.

If you get the message:-

Welcome to the site

You may be here because you have been sold a domain or email service susing the domain that has ceased to work.

You can restore that service swiftly by registering with GB.COM Ltd.

GB.COM Ltd will not provide a service that you paid other for, unless they have an arrangement with GB.COM Ltd.

If you have already paid for future service and it has ceased then you should contact your supplier.



Munich U Bahn Map

Visiting Munich and getting around could not be easier. All you need is a map of the Munich U Bahn / S Bahn to get around Munich.

I there are a up to 4 people travelling together purchase a 4 person day ticket for 10 Euro’s and you can get around Munich very easy at practically no cost.

Travelling around Munich on U Bahn is the fastest and cheapest way to get from A to B and the trains are so frequent that is so easy, if you miss a train simply wait for the next and normally within a few minutes there will be another.

There is display boards with times on which will tell you how long you will have to wait for the next train and these are accurate.

Click on map below and you can see this has both the U-Bahn and S-Bahn. Once you get from the Airport and into the centre of Munich you really only a Munich U Bahn map. Save this map to your phone, don’t bother buying an APP for your smart phone you don’t need one. save yourself some money.

Munich S U-Bahn Map


Munich U-Bahn Map


The above map is all you need for travelling on the Munich U Bahn. Save this on your smart phone as an image and whilst travelling around you can quickly pull up the image.

When you are at the U Bahn all the trains have the map plastered around anyway. Even on the ceiling of the train so if you visit in the October Fest and drink a little too much when you are lying on the floor of the train you can still see the map :-).

Munich Travel Tips:-

  • Look at the station name at the end of the line. When you approach a U Bahn platform this is what you need to ensure you travel in the right direction.
  • Stamp your ticket – you get fined if you don’t.
  • When leaving the U Bahn station if the escalators are not running they are no broken 🙂 as you approach there is a pressure pad that starts the escalator.

Enjoy your Munich trip. Visit the Englischer Garten, German for “English Garden”, a nice Beer Garden set in a beautiful park.

Englischen Garten Address– Verwaltung des Englischen Gartens München, Englischer Garten 2, 80538, München, South West, Germany.Opening times – All year.

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London SEO Keywords

London based companies have the problem that their keywords require a lot more work and using London based SEO commpanies simply is not cost effective. This how we at Chameleon win the majority of our London based SEO jobs.

The terms that contain London carry a premium due to the fact that the compeition is going to be large. A Central London based company simply to operate in London suggests that it has a large turnover.

Our clients from London benefit from the fact that they are not paying a premium price for the SEO Services. In fact we have been told that we are 1/3rd of the cost of other SEO companies.

The result we achieve speak for themselves and we often achieve much better results that the larger SEO companies due to the fact we are smaller and every customer is important to us.

The director Ian Bevis has been in Germany this week and investigating the potentials within Munich expanding the ever growing customer base that Chameleon has. What he found was that London is very similar to Munich and working with European companies opens new challenges.

Chameleon is a growing business so why not grow with us. Every day we take on new clients and our development team have found new ways to achieve greater SEO results using our in-house grown SEO techniques.

One of our clients Lara Lashes is doing very well the term “london eye lash extensions” and “London Eyelashes”. Google the terms and see fo yourself.

If you are a London based company looking for SEO then why not contact us today and see how Chameleon can help you. Simply search “Birmingham SEO Company” to find us.

We will help you choose the best London SEO keywords for you project and acheive top 3 positions at a fraction of the cost of the competition. But remember, keep this to yourself when you talk to competitors, Chameleon can save you money let the competition spent their money.

SEO Helping Birmingham and London Companys Grow

As it seems that we are climbing out if the recession Birmingham and London based companies and thriving in online sales thanks to SEO from companies like Chameleon.

Being on page one of Google for products and services today is important and the companies that continued to invest in SEO during the last few years will be getting the benefit as spending starts to grow.

Birmingham companys like for example Barltey Glass and Windows have this week seen an increase in demand for their glass services. This is due to Chameleon achieving page 1 positions in Google search terms relating to Glass products.

Companies like Ripley Flowers and Woodworm Hockey have also seen an increase in online sales thanks to the hard work that Chameleon have put in to the SEO and flower sales for Ripley are on the increase globally.

If you are not working with an SEO company then you should contact one today as your business is being left behind. The competition are likely to be carrying out SEO projects and this is something that you should act on today so your business needs to grow.

Cushions SEO

A new client for us wanting to compete against the major retail players like Dunelm Mill, Amazon, John Lewis, Argos and Ikea has only one goal, Top position in Google for Cushion keywords.

The company Lots Of Cushions has a great range of cushions and they are priced well. The website is also nice and easy to use which will help the convertions so we took on the project.

Destination Google Page One, a month later and we are their. This will now however bounce around and will then settle.

It will be interesting now to see how the traffic grows for this client and see how the orders increase. We have to maintain this SEO growth to sustain the success.

SEO Success Cushions

How does Google Plus One Work

The Google Plus One button is appearing everywhere and many people are asking “How does the Google Plus One Work”.

Chameleon will try and explain this the non technical way so that everyone can understand it.

The +1 button is way for you to land on website that you think is useful, interesting or educational and you thnk that your freinds should check out the website. So you click the Google Plus One Button.

This gives your friends an opportunity to share your internet webpage finds that are good. Internet pages pop up everyday that are simply rubbish and worthless.

If you Click +1 then you also publicly give a website your stamp of approval and everyone can see this not just your friends.

Google’s goal with the Plus One is to have the ability using the +1’s to help you identify to your friends, contacts, and random people you have no contact with at all, all the bets things you find so when they are searching they will find others have given it a Plus One status.

We hope that this answers your question “How does Google Plus One Work“.

If you like this and find it useful then give this a Plus One 🙂

Google Plus One Button


Choosing a website name

If you have the goal to go online for a business reason or a hobby site then the first thing you need is to purchase a domain name for your website to reside.

This domain name will then need to be hosted and for this you will need to purchase hosting.

So step 1 is decide the name. If this is a company website then the company name will be used.

Take Chameleon Web Services for example. We have the domain name but we also purchased as we offer seo services.

We then do what is called a redirect to the offical site which means we only have one website but both work.

Now the problem we faced was that no one can spell chameleon so we also purchased which means if we are on the phone we can give them cwebservices instead which is much better. We wanted to purchase the domain name cws but this was taken.

So you have decided on your domain name and wish to purchase it to get your website going.

Step 2 is to purchase this and we recommend a company called 123Reg or Heart Internet. They are UK based and are one of the largest sellers of domain names.

Step 3 is to host the website and for this we also recommend Chameleon Hosting we are UK based with a Data Centre in Nottingham. We have personally seen this and can state with confidence that it is amazing.

Step 4 is to get the website build by a professional website company such as ???? how about Chameleon 🙂

Visit and see what we can do.


Google Plus One SEO Impact

Google has been very focused on social interaction over the last year or so and social media utilisation in SEO is now huge. Google has been compiling techniques in the background to match Facebook for some of the positives that Facebook brings to the internet user.

The launch of the Google Plus One Button has now given us the users the power using this new tool to allow Google registered users to give a thumbs up and share websites and the same as we can on Facebook with the Like button.

The Plus One Button looks like this:-

How do I you use the Google Plus One Button:-

Just before the </head> coding add the following…

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”“>
{lang: ‘en-GB’}

Then on you page in the location you require the button you simply add:-

For a small sized button of 15px button..

Google Plus One Button Small

<g:plusone size=”small” href=””></g:plusone>

For a medium sized button of 20px…

Google Plus One Button Medium

<g:plusone size=”medium” href=””></g:plusone>

For a standard sized button of 24px…

Google Plus One Button Standard

<g:plusone href=””></g:plusone>

And for a Large Tall sized button of 60px…

Google Plus One Button Large Tall

<g:plusone size=”tall” href=””></g:plusone>

It’s no suprise that Google reacted in this way and followed what Facebook have been doing as the Facebook Like Button was a viral marketing strike of genius.

Website all over the world now have the little Facebook blue button to their site which allows users give their approval.

We would say that nearly every blog website, ecommerce
website and business website will have a Facebook Like button.

The official announcement from Google went out on YouTube on March 27.

And also this You Tube video about the Google +1 Button vs Facebook Like in a slightly negative view:-

Googles idea was to use the button for approving search results to help reduce SEO companys making sites appear to top of Google using methods of Search Engine Optimisaiton. This is a vision that Google has to continue tweaking to improve Google rankings.

So for the moment we will start seeing this Google Plus One Button starting to show up on websites and what will be interesting is how the future pans out with search results.

There are already on the black market people selling 1000 plus one button likes and we know Matt Cutts is trying to reduce spamming technqiues not increase so this may hinder Google slightly.

Lets see what the future holds.

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