SEO Companies that keep calling

In nearly every communcation with clients we are being informed that SEO companies are ringing and ringing and emplying the hard sell techniques to get work.

These companies should be avoided.

If an SEO company calls selling backlinks and they want you to look at your site whilst on the phone and goto a pre planned website to show no backlinks compared to your competitors then please put there website URL into the same tool.

Ask them how many backlinks they have and then tell them how many they actually have…..It is a new fun game that really annoys the hell out of the sales people.

Get them to explain why they are not top of Google when search SEO Services in the area that operate from as an example.

Happy SEO game playing.

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Google Analytics

If you have a website then you must have Google Analytics running.

If ask what is Google Analytics then you need to contact Chameloen as your website is need of some TLC.

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Google Adwords

Do you use Google Adwords?

If you answer yes do you use negative keywords?

If not you need to starting understanding negative keywords and use them!

It will save you money from the moment you starting adding them.

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Dont forget Ebay really helps sales and helps grow a customer base

Dont forget Ebay really helps sales and helps grow a customer base, if every sale has a flyer sent with it then helps people network your website.

Using Ebay is a good form of Marketing.

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The Best Website Design

The Best Website Design is not always the design you like. You should get other peoples views and ideas before thinking that you have the perfect website design.

Chameleon likes clean pages that are not too busy, we also dont like lots of flash work.

When we design a website we look at the flow of the pages and look for an easy to use site.

It is more productive to have a website that has a nice structure and more sales will follow if that is the aim of the site.

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SEO Best Practices

Understand SEO best practices is a art. Did you realise that can try so hard to optimise your site Google will penalise your site.

This sound mental but search engines are so complicated and difficult to understand that sometimes sites that have had a little on page SEO carried out actually do better than a page thats too perfect.

There are many things that can and should be done to ensure your website is positioned in search engines for the keywords you desire on page one.

The first thing Chameleon always do is identify the compeitors and then understand how much SEO has been carried on these sites before looking at any SEO at all.

One of the biggest things to consider when looking at SEO on your site is the Title and Description. These should match the page content.

Once you have these configured to give you the maximum keyords relevant to the page and your requirments then you are one step away from choosing actualy keywords. It is wise to run a free tool to check keyword density on the page and ensure the keywords are showing up. Then enter your keywords once you are happy.

So imagine you get everything right, the page content is superb and most of unique and you have everything perfect, will Google like the site. This is the hardest question to answer. Sometimes Google will gather the information and decide that the site is keyword spamming. Then you should go back to the drawing board.

If you are trying to be top of an localised area such as Birmingham, it is important to mention the word Birmingham in specific places that Google likes.

So SEO being carried out for Birmingham areas may look like:-

  • birmingham seo
  • seo birmingham
  • birmingham seo services

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