Choosing a website name

If you have the goal to go online for a business reason or a hobby site then the first thing you need is to purchase a domain name for your website to reside.

This domain name will then need to be hosted and for this you will need to purchase hosting.

So step 1 is decide the name. If this is a company website then the company name will be used.

Take Chameleon Web Services for example. We have the domain name but we also purchased as we offer seo services.

We then do what is called a redirect to the offical site which means we only have one website but both work.

Now the problem we faced was that no one can spell chameleon so we also purchased which means if we are on the phone we can give them cwebservices instead which is much better. We wanted to purchase the domain name cws but this was taken.

So you have decided on your domain name and wish to purchase it to get your website going.

Step 2 is to purchase this and we recommend a company called 123Reg or Heart Internet. They are UK based and are one of the largest sellers of domain names.

Step 3 is to host the website and for this we also recommend Chameleon Hosting we are UK based with a Data Centre in Nottingham. We have personally seen this and can state with confidence that it is amazing.

Step 4 is to get the website build by a professional website company such as ???? how about Chameleon 🙂

Visit and see what we can do.