How does Google Plus One Work

The Google Plus One button is appearing everywhere and many people are asking “How does the Google Plus One Work”.

Chameleon will try and explain this the non technical way so that everyone can understand it.

The +1 button is way for you to land on website that you think is useful, interesting or educational and you thnk that your freinds should check out the website. So you click the Google Plus One Button.

This gives your friends an opportunity to share your internet webpage finds that are good. Internet pages pop up everyday that are simply rubbish and worthless.

If you Click +1 then you also publicly give a website your stamp of approval and everyone can see this not just your friends.

Google’s goal with the Plus One is to have the ability using the +1’s to help you identify to your friends, contacts, and random people you have no contact with at all, all the bets things you find so when they are searching they will find others have given it a Plus One status.

We hope that this answers your question “How does Google Plus One Work“.

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Google Plus One Button