London SEO Keywords

London based companies have the problem that their keywords require a lot more work and using London based SEO commpanies simply is not cost effective. This how we at Chameleon win the majority of our London based SEO jobs.

The terms that contain London carry a premium due to the fact that the compeition is going to be large. A Central London based company simply to operate in London suggests that it has a large turnover.

Our clients from London benefit from the fact that they are not paying a premium price for the SEO Services. In fact we have been told that we are 1/3rd of the cost of other SEO companies.

The result we achieve speak for themselves and we often achieve much better results that the larger SEO companies due to the fact we are smaller and every customer is important to us.

The director Ian Bevis has been in Germany this week and investigating the potentials within Munich expanding the ever growing customer base that Chameleon has. What he found was that London is very similar to Munich and working with European companies opens new challenges.

Chameleon is a growing business so why not grow with us. Every day we take on new clients and our development team have found new ways to achieve greater SEO results using our in-house grown SEO techniques.

One of our clients Lara Lashes is doing very well the term “london eye lash extensions” and “London Eyelashes”. Google the terms and see fo yourself.

If you are a London based company looking for SEO then why not contact us today and see how Chameleon can help you. Simply search “Birmingham SEO Company” to find us.

We will help you choose the best London SEO keywords for you project and acheive top 3 positions at a fraction of the cost of the competition. But remember, keep this to yourself when you talk to competitors, Chameleon can save you money let the competition spent their money.