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SEO Company ripped me off

Today the director of Chameleon Web Services interviewed an SEO consultant for a position here at Chameleon. The things that came out of the meeting shocked and scared us. We are not going to name and shame but the SEO company that the SEO consultant worked for certainly should not be trusted. The campaign program […]

FastHosts Down Again

Our clients using FastHosts are contacting us today again saying things are not working. The problems we face with this is that we spend hours looking into things that out of our control. FastHosts is one of the larger hosting companys but it seems that they are effected by Downtime more than others. Fasthosts Internet […]

Groundhog Day Song

At work we all at times feel like this is groundhog day. We found on YouTube a music video called “Groundhog Day Song” and this is great. The guy Richard Warren from the UK is singing about his working activites with a video to go with it. To watch the groundhog day music video song […]

Google Apps mail servers MX Records

To deliver mail to Gmail inboxes, configure your domain to route incoming messages to the Google email servers. To do that, add MX records that point to the Google servers shown in the table below. See Creating MX records for details about adding MX records to your domain. Priority Mail server 1 ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM 5 ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM […]

Configuring Your MX Records with GoDaddy.com for Google Mail

A mail exchange (MX) record identifies a server that handles email messages for your domain. A domain has one or more MX records listed in priorty order. When someone sends an email message to your domain, the sender’s mail server delivers it to the first available server in the priority list. You create new MX […]

UK based Company Success – Innocent

Three Cambridge graduates back in 1998 had an idea of a money making business selling smoothies. They tested the water at the London music festival buying five hundred pounds worth of fruit and using this fruit created smoothies and sold them all over the weekend of the festival. As a gimmick and bit of fun […]

Best London SEO Company

London the heart of the UK for business with large companies such as HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, BT, BP, Hilton Group, Scottish & Southern, Royal Dutch Shell to name a few give London a great area to operate a business from as London based companies tend to have large budgets and amazing projects to […]

Business Success – Tyrells Potato Chips

One of the strangest success stories over the past few years for UK based companies is the story of William Chase. His farming failure made him success by creating some of the most amazing crisps that nation loves. William Chase bought his father’s farm in Herefordshire called Tyrells Court back in 1984 when he was […]

WordPress Fatal error: Allowed memory size of ********* bytes exhausted

If you have problems with WordPress and you get the error message WordPress Fatal error: Allowed memory size of ********* bytes exhausted then you have a few options. 1. If you have access to the PHP.ini file, change the line within the PHP.ini which controls the allocated memory 32M try 64M: memory_limit = 128M ; […]

Best SEO company

What makes the best SEO company and how do you know who to trust, being an SEO company we are biased towards ourselves but so to make this article a non-biased article about SEO company trust and SEO achievements we thought we would put our 3rd party hat on. An SEO company is working towards keywords […]