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How to seo

How to SEO the Chameleon SEO Company way. Get in touch with us today and find out what Chameleon can do for you. We will show you how to SEO using the best SEO methods that attract an SEO ranking increase which will bring more visitors and more sales. SEO and Chameleon services is the […]

Robots index follow noodp meaning

We get asked about the robots index follow noodp meaning so we thought we should provide some information. The robots index follow noodp or “NOODP” meta tag is fully supported by Google, Yahoo!, and MSN and should be used when you require the robot to take the data from yourwebsite rather than from the directory. If your […]

Negative Keywords for Google Adwords PPC Campaigns

If you are using Google Adwords then you need to understand that you can save money by using negative keywords. Every search engine advertiser should be using negative keywords in a Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign or Groups to remove the unwanted clicks. An example of these are to remove job seekers, reference Keywords, research […]

Can you crack it? www.canyoucrackit.co.uk

UK intelligence agency GCHQ has launched a code-cracking competition to help attract new talent. The idea is to raise the profile of GCHQ aimed at reaching out to an audience that would otherwise be difficult to reach. GCHQ have explained that once the code is cracked you would be given a keyword to enter into […]

Google penalty

Google Penalty Advice We are offering FREE SEO advice to help you in the finding the problem is your site has dropped and you suspect a Google Penalty. Providing you with more information about how Google penaltys can be removed you need to read the next steps or drop us an email. Causes of a […]

Hosting in UK

If you are starting an online business or have an existing online business then you should be aware of the benefits of having hosting in the UK. UK hosting adds benefits for your business in terms of search engine optimisation and will increase rankings in Google. Hosting in UK data centres add a value to […]

Construction recruitment

Construction recruitment is a big business and being in commanding position to offer Construction and building jobs searchs for the building industry including site managers, architects, builders, quantity surveyors and carpenter is a difficult task. However if you have the knowledge and the marketing then being a leading Construction recruitment company is not too hard. […]

Birmingham Restaurants

Living in Birmingham we often need to find local Birmingham Restaurants. We have used all the leading places to eat in Birmingham have recommendations and reservations about various leading restaurants. If you found this page and own a Birmingham Restaurants why not get in touch with us and see what we can do for your company.

Windows XP Recover Services

Had a client today with a laptop that had issues with deleted services and print spooler. They said they had not accidently deleted the administrator shortcuts either and they had gone. We recommened a few things and fixed it for the client as the blank face meant they were not going to understand the solution. […]

Cheltenham and Gloucester SEO Services Company

Chameleon has had a great success dominating the SEO in Birmingham and now Chameleon have expanded to Cheltenham and Gloucester. Company’s in Cheltenham as of 2011 will be able to take advantage of the local SEO consulting services based in Cheltenham and as Chameleon continues to grow the Cheltenham SEO Company’s are in for a […]