Google penalty

Google Penalty Advice

We are offering FREE SEO advice to help you in the finding the problem is your site has dropped and you suspect a Google Penalty.

Providing you with more information about how Google penaltys can be removed you need to read the next steps or drop us an email.

Causes of a Sudden Drop in Ranking

If your site suddenly drops ranking positions, first Google your company name or website URL and see if you still rank for this. A lot of website dropped when Panda was rolled out, Googles new algorithm.

When ever Google change the algorithm there will always be sites than benefit and sites that drop. Often Google penalties are blammed for drops when it is nothing to do with a penalty at all. A good starting point if you see a sudden drop is an SEO forum such as “” and check for people talking about Google algorithm changes and effects to other sites. To locate information on Google about situation like this you will find it difficult so here are some useful links:

Google Link Spam

If your site has dropped you should check if you still have the same volume of links as often Google will devalue links as they find link networks and then sites drop like a stone. Google are always looking for Paid links and try to remove them from the ranking and as they find link farms more are made. A lot of SEO companies have what they think is a clever link network when really it is not as there are not enough resources and IP’s for an SEO company to hide from Google.

When people build links they should always consider this and remember the value of forum and blog posts is not very high.

Google Sandbox

Depending on how big the problem, Google may have sandboxed your website. If the site has been sandboxed then you need to get in touch with us as this will take a lot of work to recover the site.

Initial Test for a Penalty

One of the first things to do is check in Google if your pages are still cached by going to Google and entering ““, odviously enter your URL.

Google Penalty Prevention

To prevent a Google penalty you should not have link from Google banned sites or link from your site to a Google banned site.

Never obtain links from a bad neighbourhood as this will have a negative effect.

Stop going to your own website all the time as Google will record your IP address and think you are trying to make it seem like their is a lot of traffic to your site from the keywords you are after and the Google APi will detect this and give an automated penalty.

Check to see if your site has been comprimised as so many websites get hacked now. A quick check is to go to:-

Replace with

Check for duplicate content using a site like CopyScape and see what you find, this is often interesting and annoying.

Keyword spamming or stuffing, make your text natural and readable. Google will slap site that try to hard and this sites are easy to find.

To find out more information if you have seen in Google Webmaster Tools the unnatural links message:-