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How much does SEO Cost

If you have an online business at some point you will need SEO. SEO is Search Engine Optimisation and if you do not know what this is find out what SEO is all about. When a company quotes an SEO project there are so many factors that will effect the price that it is impossible […]

How to setup or migrate your email to Google

Are you aware that Google operates a free MX mail exchange service that gives you the ability to map your domain to Google and use the Google infrastructure to host your email account. This means that if you move hosting you do not loose or have to setup your email accounts. If you own a […]


Search Engine Optimisation is the process of presenting your website to a search engine in a manner that will allow the search engine to easily read it and take away from it all the relevant keywords you want to rank for. A Search Engine Optimisation company will look at the searched terms and decide what […]

SEO Company

 The power of the internet is clear and everyone in some way or another is using the internet to benefit them. It maybe a home consumer selling items on Ebay or simply searching for a bargain online. Either way it is clear that being on the internet has huge advantages over in terms of making […]

Moving WordPress Blog Hardcoding to a New URL

If you are moving the site to a new URL the WordPress database will not be changing so all you want to do is to move the entire WP directory to the new folder on the same server or new server on the same hosting. Simply edit the wp-config.php file:- define(‘WP_HOME’,’http://www.chameleonwebservices.co.uk’); define(‘WP_SITEURL’,’http://www.chameleonwebservices.co.uk’); Note: When you do this the new […]

Why does my Google Places verification page only have post card as an option?

Some of our clients who manage their own Google Places accounts have asked the question “Why does my verification page only have post card as an option?” recently. The answer issimply that Google is now getting much stricter regarding the verification process required to list in the Google Maps. If there is a business listing […]

osCommerce Virus Problems

We have been informed today that Web security firm Armorize has detected more than six million online shopping sites with web pages that have been attacked with specific targetted exploits. These attacks use web browser vulnerabilities to insert malicious software which can effect applications or software running the websites. Armorize has stated that the majority of hacked sites appear to […]

Funny Collection of Photoshoped Rioters images

A funny collection of Photoshoped Rioters:- Grab the Lute Dirty Harry Shame face Crookies Tena Man War, sorry, Fishmonger Sesame Street urchins Royally f*@%d Maypole Fisher Price Twister …24, 25, 26 Good choice Justin, Just out Robocops and robbers E.T. phone home Bieber-queue Make bubbles not War These amuzing images can be found and more […]

Birmingham Riots

Living in Birmingham for over 35 years and being proud of Birmingham it is shocking to see the youth of today acting the way that they are and destroying it. The riots that took place in London are fueled by anger at the police for shooting someone. We say someone because if you stopped the […]

Sony Televisions Models

As a test of the SEO power that Chameleon Web Services have we were given a test to get the keywords “sony televisions models” with a blog post on page one of google in one day!. Now sony televisions models are all going to be different, whether it be a full HD bravia, LCD flat screen of plasma. Dont get […]