How much does SEO Cost

If you have an online business at some point you will need SEO. SEO is Search Engine Optimisation and if you do not know what this is find out what SEO is all about.

When a company quotes an SEO project there are so many factors that will effect the price that it is impossible to give a fixed quotation. Why is this, well simply put every website is different and the keywords that the SEO project is also different.

When we quote for an SEO project we look at the website itself in terms of domain name age and backlinks, number of pages, how often the pages get cached by Google at that time, the number of pages already in Google, does the site have a blog, etc

We then look at the competition and pick to pieces the competitions website pretty much the same as we do do for the domain we are going to be working on.

If the difference between the site we are working on and the existing sites, the competition then it will take more effort and time to get the site at the same level and then some.

We look at so many factors that when we quote an SEO compaign it can take us a couple of days to finalise a price. But the good thing is that Chameleon will come back with a price that is going to work.

We also tell the truth upfront and be honest even if the client doesnt like what they are hearing. Sometimes things are not possible with the budgets given, and we always explain this and will not start a project and then under achieve.

SEO costs vary a lot depending on how many backlinks are required to catch up with the competition. Chameleon work on the theory thou that it is not all about numbers of links but quality and diversity. We invested a large amount of money into SEO satellite sites and these all hosted in varying registration names, hosting accounts and spread all over the world. Some of these website are used by leading SEO companies and our vision all those years ago has paid off for us.


SEO is very time consuming if carried out correctly and the costs can be high but you often need to invest to grow.

If you want to find out more information about what the costs are for your SEO project who not contact Chameleon.