UK based Company Success – Innocent

Three Cambridge graduates back in 1998 had an idea of a money making business selling smoothies. They tested the water at the London music festival buying five hundred pounds worth of fruit and using this fruit created smoothies and sold them all over the weekend of the festival. As a gimmick and bit of fun they asked customers who purchased the smoothies to put their empty smoothie bottle in a yes bin or a no bin with the aim to see if they thought should give up their current jobs. The yes bin was full and they resigned the next day. They setup the company under the name Innocent as they wanted the product to suggest that it was pure, fresh and unadulterated and the name has been well received. The Innocent company now sells two million smoothies a week to over 7,000 shops and has a turnover of £100 million and this success is thanks to the three Cambridge graduates trying to make something that seemed a good idea work.

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