Search Engine Optimisation is the process of presenting your website to a search engine in a manner that will allow the search engine to easily read it and take away from it all the relevant keywords you want to rank for. A Search Engine Optimisation company will look at the searched terms and decide what keyword terms are going to bring the best customers.


An SEO Company will then follow specific criteria that the search engine requires and make the website appear attractive to the search engine for these terms. The rankings of website will then increase and with it traffic from customers and sales. A good SEO company will target not just the high traffic keywords but also the keywords that will convert and be able to ensure the website will convert for these keywords at the same time.

To explain this we can use the term “UK Based SEO Company” which is a great keyword an SEO Company based in the UK. A lot of companys are fed up of working with overseas business’s and want a local UK based company to work with so being top of Google for this keyword would bring lots of leads.

To be top of Google on page one for this term requires a lot of effort and careful calculation and this is where an SEO company will excel. But the problem is that this keyword is a fight against other SEO companies and SEO companies have the most powerful website online normally or atleast they should have.

If you search in Google for the keyword you will find Chameleon someone where on page one 🙂 which shows that we must understand are job!

If you require SEO you should consider many factors yourself before contacting an SEO Company. Think about keywords that the customer base will use and see who is currently in high ranking Google positions for these keyword terms. Then search for an SEO company and have a chat about the SEO project and let the SEO team come up with keywords and check what these keywords are like. Often SEO companies will go for easy keywords that can be achieved easily. But this is not in your favour it is to benefit the SEO company.

Something to consider thou is that some keywords are not possible until your site grows and it is only then that you can achieve high rankings for these keywords. Your website domain age pays a part in this so if you have an idea get the domain name from a company like Heart Internet and get a holding page up with the keywords on for Google to start taking data.

The SEO world can be a hard to trust industry as many people are operating SEO compaines without any knowledge and this gives the good SEO companies a bad name. Some of the larger SEO companies outsource the search engine optimisation services abroad and this removes the UK element even if they SEO company is based in the UK.

Chameleon is a Birmingham based company working with clients across the UK including London and if you search in Google “Birmingham SEO Company” you would hope to find Chameleon on page one of Google. Why not take a look and see if you can find Chameleon Web Services.

We are a growing business which invested a large amount of money into SEO back in 2008 / 2009 and now in 2011 we have many things in place now setting us up for 2012. We plan ahead and this is why as a small company we are able to deliver success over the large SEO firms. Chameleon’s saying “Big Enough to Cope, Yet Small Enough to Care!” takes us along way. The positive feedback we receive if mainly due to us being smaller than the large SEO company’s and this means we get personal and all our work is taken on seriously and with pride.

Chameleon is one of the best SEO companies in the UK and this mostly down to success in most business sectors with top 3 positions for our clients. We also do not give unrealistic statements saying that we can get you top of Google for any keyword as we can’t. No one can guarantee this at all. If a company offering SEO services does state this check out what they are top of Google for!

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