Which Birmingham SEO Company To Use?

As a business owner looking for SEO services it can be difficult to understand who is the right company to trust with your website and also a question that business owners ask themselves is ”Do I need an SEO company?”.

There are many Birmingham SEO providers in the West Midlands and depending what you Google you will find slightly different results. A large number of people will search “SEO Birmingham” or “Birmingham SEO Company” and each find different companies in the top three positions to contact.

Then when you contact the SEO Companies or agencies you will find they all explain they are better than the competition due to X,Y and Z. Most of this will be all sales talk and as an SEO sales consultant you will be trained what to say to convert a lead into a new client.

So Which Birmingham SEO Company To Use?

As a business owner how do you know which SEO company can deliver results for you company website:-

Birmingham SEO Company 2016

Birmingham SEO Company 2016 2nd


The last 6 months independent comparison of keyword results – If the data does not generate click the green button “Plot Chart” and the data will capture the latest information.

How do you know which SEO companies have been delivering results over a long period of time:-

Birmingham SEO Company 2010 - 2016

Birmingham SEO Company 2010 - 2016 V2

The independent comparison of Birmingham SEO Companies keywords results since 2010. If the data does not generate click the green button “Plot Chart” and the data will capture the latest information.

The two links above will provide details showing which SEO companies based in Birmingham can achieve keyword rankings and which SEO agencies have been providing services for a long period of time. Both of which are very important factors to consider.

We have used here SEMrush because this is a tool used by most SEO companies to look into the competition for daily SEO use.

Can We Trust The Result Shown Here By SEMrush?

SEMrush started out in 2008 as a small group of SEO and IT specialists united by one mission — to make online competition fair and transparent, with equal opportunities for everyone.

After seven years of experiments and constant progress they have become the world’s leading competitive research service for online marketing.

SEO Birmingham

When someone goes to Google and search’s “SEO Birmingham” as a keyword they are looking to find an SEO company that is based in Birmingham. Google has changed the algorithm to provide local search results that are more accurate. As a result in Birmingham to find an actual Birmingham company providing SEO services you will get not only Adwords and Organic Listing but also Map results to help you choose a local online marketing company.

SEO Birmingham

The latest changes to the Google Algorithm for local search results affects both Google Maps and web search with Google trying to make it easier to find a local based company within the location that your IP address when you searched. This works for both desktop and mobile devices using smart technology to locate users.

Everyone uses the Google Search Engine in a slightly different manner, for example some will search direct specific keywords and others will search questions. To explain this further some will search “Birmingham SEO Company” whilst others will search “SEO Birmingham” or even “SEO Company in Birmingham“. This means that you have to cover a large number of variations of keywords to be sure that you capture the complete audience you are looking for making SEO a difficult task.

As an SEO company the business sector we are in ourselves is one of the most difficult due to the fact that we compete with the SEO experts in our local areas.

Looking at the “SEO Birmingham” keyword we can see that Google also suggests related searches to “seo birmingham”:-

  • web design birmingham
  • seo agency birmingham
  • website seo birmingham
  • seo company birmingham
  • web optimisation
  • seo web design

These keywords are what Google is finding that would also provide you with what you are looking for. Most web companies are providing an SEO service so this is pretty accurate however some will outsource these tasks to companies like Chameleon as a white label service.

SEO Birmingham – Find A Trusted Company

How can we find from SEO Birmingham a Search Engine Optimisation company that can deliver the results you need and also ensure that you can trust the company to grow your business online.

There are various ways to check if an SEO company can achieve results for FREE and being as Chameleon has been in business since 2001 providing web services and providing SEO since 2009 to our clients, our own website and white label to other SEO companies with high rankings we have nothing to hide so we will show you a couple of ways to check the basics:-

Here you can check any SEO companies website URL and find out information about whether or not they can rank themselves within Google. The information is provided by this independent 3rd party company and this can provide a basic starting point.

Below is the main SEO Birmingham companies as a comparison to see everything in one place:-

SEO Birmingham

The information shows that Chameleon ranks for more keywords than any other SEO Birmingham company.

Other SEO tools that are available can provide information about the number of ranking keywords like the software platform SEM Rush which is used by most SEO companies:-

SEO Birmingham Company

You can produce this information here:-

The information provided by SEM Rush again shows that Chameleon is ranking for more keywords that any other SEO Birmingham company.

One of the most used software platforms in the SEO world is Majestic SEO and the company provides a leader board of SEO companies to show which companies are using the data well and Chameleon ranks in the top 5 SEO companies in the World:-

majestic SEO leaderboard

SEO Birmingham Advice

If you are reading this information then you are most likely looking to use an SEO company for the first time or you are already using one and feel the need to change. As an Internet Marketing company our job is to make our website found within Google search results and ensure visitors can find the information they are looking for.

As a company Chameleon is one of the most successful SEO Birmingham companies that is available to you with a trusted long standing history. We work hard to achieve client success and always go above and beyond what is is expected trying to break the bad mold that SEO companies are in.

So our advice to anyone in Birmingham looking for SEO is to give us a call and arrange a meeting with an SEO consultant to see what we can achieve for your business and then once we have achieved your success you can help us to change the negativity around this industry with your words of success to the people you are in contact with and grow the Chameleon even further.

Birmingham SEO Competitor Analysis

Being an SEO company you have to be able to achieve rankings results for your clients and a measure of the company is their own website. Clients can come and go and you will never truly understand or know what has happened.

Being a client often means you have no real information in order to tell who is good or bad in the SEO industry and we like to open and up-front with all that we do.

So for this reason lets show you how to check out a competitor online and use Birmingham SEO companies as the example.

Birmingham SEO

To see for yourself go to the website SEMRUSH. Click here to see this exact comparison for yourself.

Search Engine Optimisation Birmingham

If you are a local Birmingham based company looking for a reliable Birmingham SEO company then you are in luck as Chameleon Web Services is one of the leading UK based SEO companies and we have our head office in Cradley Heath, Birmingham, B64 5HY.

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We have been providing clients with Internet marketing solutions since 2001 and can offer more than simply Birmingham Search Engine Optimisation. We are one of the Google Approved Companies by Google for carrying Google Business Photos which is an important factor for SEO locally.

We manage Google Adwords accounts reducing spend and improving the quality of the leads a business receives from the adverts.

We are a Web Design company so anything you need in terms of modifications to update a website or to improve the functionality in order to increase usability and conversion rates, we can do all this under one roof.

Birmingham based Chameleon is the only company you need to use for everything online!

Chameleon Team