Paedophile Teacher Gets Caught By Undercover Journalist Birmingham 2013

This is shocking but real and is a glimpse into the World we live in.

Is this right or wrong what the vigilante paedophile catcher is doing?

Either way this sends a message to paedophile’s out there that maybe the person they are talking to isn’t a young girl and they might end up on film and then on YouTube for us all to see!

Video footage as Paedophile Teacher Gets Caught By Undercover Journalist in Birmingham 2013.

If you are asking “how to report a paedophile” then you should use the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre:-

If you have information you should use the correct channels:-

There is a lot of information about protecting your family online here:-

Why has Chameleon created this article, well simple because we get a lot of traffic to our website and this means people will see this. This is important as we have children and if everyone helps then the World we be a better place.