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To be a successful company in Birmingham providing trustworthy SEO services for client’s starts with a good understanding of what’s required for success within Google’s algorithm. For many years Chameleon Web Services has had a consistent and proven track record in this on-line marketing sector.

A good starting point is to analyse whether the SEO Birmingham Company can achieve results in their own business sector. This is always going difficult to achieve because every SEO company in Birmingham is fighting to be number one.

Reading this page on our website you can see that we achieve success because we are most likely to be in position one in Google Search when you clicked on our  main website link.

The letters S.E.O stands for Search Engine Optimisation, this means optimising a website for search engines. Google Bing and Yahoo must be able to find the information they need and a good SEO companies role is ensure this is done correctly and for the correct keywords.

What Makes Us Different To Other SEO Company’s

Chameleon do not outsource work or affiliate, in fact totally the opposite. Other SEO company’s use our services as a white label provider which means our result delivering skills are being used by clients who are paying a premium price under the names of other SEO companies. Why not cut out the middle man and deal with us directly.

Contact us today to find out what we can do for your business. We wont try and bamboozle you by saying SEO is a dark art or try to hide behind technical jargon. We will though, educate you in the reasons why Search Engine Optimisation is important and how we can achieve your goals with examples of what we have done for other companies.

We don’t offer fixed cost models because no two websites are the same, every business sector is different. For example a client might have a start-up business with a completely new domain name. This type of fresh start campaign will require different amounts of labour and resources to achieve success compared to aged company with a solid or damaged history.

We are always proud to boast we have no negative on-line reviews and this is because we thoroughly check at what is possible and then do our utmost to deliver good results every time for our clients.


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